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Thread: mario kart wii custom map files 50+(download sfp files here)

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    mario kart wii custom map files 50+(download sfp files here)

    hello, i took the time to upload a package of custom map patches ive downloaded so far for the game, mario kart wii. This rar contains mostly maps, a few characters, and a small few tips included along with a picture of what "_course" belongs to what track. Nothing inside belongs to nintendo so its a legit upload. Personally I got tired of attempting to download from alternative sources (like youtube videos linking map download locations) that contained mostly .szs files. And I know ALOT of people are frustrated when attempting to download a map only to get a fail error 95% of the time, so i upload to you this semi-organized rar. To what i understand .szs files are only usable with riivolution and cant be used with the other route of patching files from an iso with wiiscrubber, so i dedicate this to those who have to patch iso files individually. this contains around 40-60 maps (maybe more?), sry not gonna name everything in it. Anyway I hope someone finds this of use (I know i would have a couple weeks ago). I take no credit for anything, im just doing this to help my fellow racers.

    Ive uploaded this pack to 2 links:


    (tiny note- bowsers dark castle CT rc3.sfp gives black screen for 1 p, multi works fine)

    I may or may not improve upon this pack in the future, if i get alot more maps I might depending on how appreciated this upload is. I'll check periodically to see if the download link has been deleted to reupload. if anyone wants to improve upon this little pack of maps, by all means please do so.


    char- bandit birdo, tron daisy, drybones cardboard box, evil toad, underpants mario(no work?), mii female lime green (work?), naked peach, purple bowser jr
    (note- maro in underpants gave me black screen)

    map- cannon city, chaotic circle, cloudy air road, dark cape, darkview treeway, haunted mansion, icy road rc2, koopa plaza(battle course), boost battle improved(another block battle course), msoft lizard maze, nightmare rc2
    (note- only darkview treeway worked for 2 player for me, rest being 1 p)

    +modified strap warning (gave me a black screen)
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    Thumbs up Tank you for the help

    I was looking for some good maps and I found this tank you

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    where do we place these files???
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    with szs files ude place them in ur sd card and load them with your retail disc of mario kart using riivolution, the other way is using wiiscrubber to patch iso files, look around ull find a guide

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    Has anyone found a way to do this when you just have the game on your Wii already?

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    Just get the iso, WiiScrubber, and SZS Modifier. Extract the SZS file with WiiScrubber, replace the files you need to for mods with SZS Modifier.

    For example, if you were to change a character texture, you would extract award.szs and one other file (forgot the name). You would open both the .SZS mod file and the original (in this case, award.szs, which replaces the textures for the character at the vehicle selection screen.)
    (The following takes place in SZS Modifier)
    There will be files you need to replace. Take the character mod file (it should be a .brres, I think), and right click it after pressing it once. Extract it, or whatever you can.

    Replace the character .brres file with the mod. (The character's texture files begin with the first two letters of their Japanese name) Save the Award.szs file you modded when you are finished, and return to WiiScrubber. Replace the modded file you created with the original, and scrub the game if you wish. Add the game to your drive, and play. You should see your mod. Have fun!

    There are other patches as well, but a search will solve those as well.

    This method has been tested by me and is fully functional. I wouldn't, however, try to patch the retail disk permanently (it's possible).
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    can someone post the link to a guide on how to do any/all of this please. ive had a look around and cant find one. thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skandalus View Post
    can someone post the link to a guide on how to do any/all of this please. ive had a look around and cant find one. thanks.

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    Thank you very much narse 1979.

    I have another question. when i use szs modifier and i browse patches on server, how am i supposed to know which patches go on what szs files. it doesnt say and the names are different.:/

    for example there is a szs file called ' luigi's volcano raceway ' which szs do i patch this with.
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    The links are removed.

    Please excuse my correct spelling, grammar, or other very smart things.

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