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Thread: I bricked my wii :'(

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    Unhappy I bricked my wii :'(

    OK so heres the deal. I had a 3.3u wii with the homebrew channel and cios corps installed. I then installed priiloader, but since it had no hacks for 3.3 i tried to use MMM softmod tools to upgrade to 4.1. I know... stupid idea. I am now left staring at a black screen praying for my system menu to come back up. Do you guys think that there is any hope for my wii? Other background info - bootmii was installed but not as boot2, wiimotes can start the wii, but lose the connection after the wii turns on, the wii light is green when it turns on, THERE IS A BLACK SCREEN WHEN I START IT. Well thanx for any advise

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    Did you upgrade to 4.1 withouth installing ios60patched first? If so then you could be up a creek withouth a paddle. Power on while holding reset. This will bring up priiloader if you have it.

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    ios 60 patched???? and priiloader wont load. sorry for my not being able to understand what these ios patches r. man why cant all this be simple like the psp. if only there were a pandoras power brick LOL

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    Without ios60patched you're pretty much trying to start "Windows" without the main files windows needs to load. No Priiloader and full brick is pretty hopeless withouth bootmii as boot2. If you're wii isn't old enouth to have been able to install bootmii as boot 2 then you're just about up the creek without a paddle short of spending a lot of money.

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    so that savemefrii stuff wont work? :'''''(

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    Give it a shot and see if you can get savemii, but if you don't have ios6o which is what 4.1 uses to run you're in a pickle, man. Anything short of that would fall to the hardware people like erkie (Who says its ok to pm him about unbricking with an infectious modchip) and a handfull of others. Good luck.

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    well, thanx for all your help . Ill try savemii whenever i get a chance.


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