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Thread: Help to run Netflix off SD card using a Forwarder channel

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    Question Help to run Netflix off SD card using a Forwarder channel

    Hope I got the terms right here. I have a softmodded 4.2u Wii with Homebrew channel and Priiloader set to disable auto updates. I only modded it to try out Brawl+ (which still didn't make it as good as Melee, but I digress...) so I didn't install or change any IOS's beyond the ones necessary to run GeckoOS, Priiloader, and Homebrew Channel on 4.2.

    I don't need to run games of a HDD, I'm fine with using the disc, and as a game developer myself I obviously don't support piracy either, so before now I had no interest in USB Loaders or the like.


    I hate having to stick a DVD in to watch Netflix. For games its no biggie, I usually only play 1 game at a time for a long time, but I really wish Netflix was a channel instead of a disc. I realized that since my Wii is modded already anyway, it surely must be possible to do this somehow, and the Netflix ISO can't be as large as most games so could probably fit on my SD card. I found a guide here for Netflix for Dummies, but it is focused on the HDD install and assumes I'm already using a USB Loader of some kind.

    I already have the Netflix disc so I'd rather not have to go hunt the ISO from torrents.

    So here's my questions:

    1) How do I get the data off my existing Netflix disc?

    2) How do I "scrub" the Netflix data of any unnecessary stuff to save room on my SD card?

    3) Do I need to have 2 partitions on the SD card (one for homebrew apps + VC/WiiWare games, and one for the Netflix data), or can I use a loader that will work with FAT32 and have it all on one partition? I've seen mention that some Loaders do not require the special file system but not sure if that applies to SD cards or only HDD's.

    4) Do I need to install/update any IOS's beyond what I have now (see list output from DOP-Mii below)?

    5) How do I make a forwarder channel so I can run Netflix without having to load the Homebrew channel and/or Loader app first?

    I know much of this probably is available in snippets throughout this site, but I've been reading and searching for a while and since most data seems focused on running games from a HDD, I can't put it all together easily and was hoping a more experienced user could answer these either directly or by pointing me to which specific guides I need to do this.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    "DOP-Mii Report"
    "Region", North America (U)
    "Hollywood Version", 0x11

    IOS Version, FakeSign, ES_Identify, NAND, Flash
    "250 (v65535)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "249 (v17)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "70 (v6687)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "61 (v5661)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "58 (v6175)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "57 (v5661)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "56 (v5405)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "55 (v5406)",Enabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "53 (v5406)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "38 (v3867)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "37 (v5662)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "36 (v3607)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "35 (v3349)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "34 (v3348)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "33 (v3091)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "31 (v3349)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "28 (v1550)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "22 (v1293)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "21 (v782)",Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled
    "17 (v1031)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "15 (v1031)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "14 (v1031)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "13 (v1031)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "12 (v525)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled
    "9 (v1034)",Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Disabled

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    Well, it took 12 hours, but I eventually got it working. Hardest part was partitioning the SD card - had to force install a device driver in Windows to make it believe my SD card was actually a non-removable hard drive before it would let me access both partitions. But with WBFS manager, Crap, Configurable USB Loader (to rip the CD) I finally got what I wanted - Netflix as a Channel with my SD card still working fine for all my WiiWare/VC titles and Homebrew apps.


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