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Thread: Please Help !! New Titles Give Me Black Screen ( Not Loading)

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    Angry Please Help !! New Titles Give Me Black Screen ( Not Loading)

    Hello my names kev

    Please could i be advised with this situation , im running softmii v2.1.1 and my wii is version 3.2e ,

    i have had this done a while now with no problems what so ever with games (iso) i burn all my games via nero 7 (FINE) , nothing has been modified on the wii since the original hack.

    I keep getting black screens with the new game "lego harry potter" and "mario galaxy 2" , i cant get them to work ,

    ive tryed various ways like the backup launcher channel yet still nothing , yet with lego harry potter i get an error in backup launcher saying ERROR #002 , this has never happened before is it something to do with the new games

    PLease advise !!!!

    This is my first post as everything in the past has been fine , its really doing my head in

    cheers kev

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    Closed and infracted accordingly.


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