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Thread: Wii FS/FT

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    Wii FS/FT

    I have a wii for sale or for trade. Serial number LU333175147. The DVD Drive does not work 3.2U softmodded, kept it at 3.2. Will pgrade if wanted and put any cios's that you want on there. (i.e. GH5, rockband, newer games) Also will load Wii Sports Resort on there so you dont have to do that stuff when you get it. Tested it with all my games on my HD and it works perfectly. Will sell for $100 for the system only or 130 for system,p/s,sensor bar and one controller. Would also trade for a 20gb PS3. If trading, would add on 40gb HD formatted to WBFS. Bootmii is loaded as Boot2 and nand backup was made. Please PM with any questions or offers.

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    will accept offers


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