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Thread: Fully Backing Up Wii/Cleaning Wii Up for Nintendo Repair

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    Question Fully Backing Up Wii/Cleaning Wii Up for Nintendo Repair

    Hello everyone, I'm new. I come to you for your sage hacking advice, for I am a complete and utter n00b at this stuff. . .

    I have a Wii which I successfully hacked with The Homebrew Channel with Wii Menu 4.0. . .and all was good. But now, my Wii is broken. I get disc read errors when I try to read. . .well, just about any game. Cleaning my Wii with lens cleaner didn't help in the slightest. With that in mind, I have two questions that maybe some of you can help we with. . .

    I want to make a full backup of everything on my Wii to SD. Wii allows you to copy some of your saved data and channels, but many things are copy-protected by the system. I would like to know if there is a way to subvert that protection via hacking so I can copy EVERYTHING from my Wii to SD.

    I went to Nintendo's customer service website recently. . .after I fed my serial number into the system, it told me that my Wii was still under factory warranty and I can get a repair for free.

    I was VERY VERY shocked at this information because I got my Wii at launch and I thought it had been long past warranty expiration.

    . . .of course, the second Nintendo notices any trace of Homebrew on my system, there goes my free repair. So, I want to know if there's a way to totally and utterly clean my system of Homebrew and any hints of Homebrew.

    (Obviously I'd want to do #1 before #2. . .)

    I realize these both seem like major projects. . .and on top of that, I must emphasize, I am a Wii hacking n00b so please dumb it down. . .

    Given that, if you could still help me, I would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance

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    Your first post should be in the introduction thread, which also leads me to believe you softmodded your we thru "another" site. you should spend about 2 days reading threads on this site as your answer is here, and before the mods get mad at you you should say hello in the intro area

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    Here you go...Read, Read, Read Have a look for the thread by Ithian "So you are thinking about returning your console to Nintendo for repair" or something along those lines.

    Welcome to:

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    First, thank you for your welcomes, both of you.

    @stmcmurray76 Thanks for your advice, but come on, there's no need to make our lives more difficult than they already are. I asked two straightforward questions, that's all.

    If you claim the answers to my 2 questions are already on this board (something I certainly do not doubt), as someone who is more familiar with the boards it would be infinitely more courteous and helpful to provide links to the relevant discussions. I haven't seen much of help in my searching yet.

    @Krank Thank you for your response. I took a look at Ithian's article, but it was basically completely incomprehensible to me. All I basically got out of it was that it's harder to remove traces of Homebrew than I thought and Nintendo may be highly persistent at checking for it when they do repairs. . .which makes my concern all the more pressing.

    As for the rest of the links in that guide, I'm sure they're quite helpful, but it doesn't look like there's anything there germane to the discussion at hand.

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    why not load try loading via usb maybe your drive is just busted

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    Us wii repair

    I sent my wii back to nintendo after it being softmodded a while back....I just did a update from the nintendo server to 4.0 back then.....the update erased everything fine(homebrew) I forgot to take out a copy of mario kart and They were kind enough to fix the dvd drive in my wii and evern send back my copy of mario kart...I love Nintendo.......PS They probably wont even look at the software side of the wii too if you just move your homebrew channel to a couple pages down then they will probably just fix the dvd drive and send back

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