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Thread: This Is Howler. "Un-noticed But Commonly Found."

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    Us This Is Howler. "Un-noticed But Commonly Found."


    Why I use this user name I do not know. However, it is obvious that those who refer to the call of the beast should know the answer that the beast, refering to the wolf, is my last name and you can spot it in my email. Currently, I came to this site because I have wanted to increase my experience and I know a lot about the "Hacker" and the "Pirate" scenario trying to fix a couple of issues and grudges. I would contain a little bit of both in my soul along with a decent side.

    My history is not personal and I think people fear me for no reason because they see a high level of honesty or stupidity and if I am called those qualities, I understand. They notice a person who looks like a professional when he is just misunderstood. The fact I am being honest about this does not surprise me since I feel like there are only a few pirates or hackers out of many like me who want to help, instead of gathering advice or sources. I am wanting to be a beta-tester and have experience within the hidden Wii operations with usage of my own console.

    Therefore I would be considered more of a grayscale hacker/pirate. It is so easy to find more about me since it is already out there, so do not fear contacting me directly by mail. I am aware of safety circumstances and the rules and I trust my capabilities to a point. In all respect, I hope to be kind towards everyone.

    This is me and the little creature I will mention below.

    I just wanted to make a few last statements before I talk about the creature...

    I live an ordinary life and hope to enrich my experience and distance. It is so easy to find sources. Hopefully one day, I will be able to report the appropriate stuff for each forum one day. I have suffered with a lot of circumstances.

    I hope each person has a good time doing what ever they do and I want to know others since I do not get out much.

    My WII is my first name (Samuel) so it should be easy to find cause I am not afraid to go global. Since the latest 4.3U scam by Nintendo I am not having as much luck but who cares? The point of saying this is to introduce myself.

    This is my pride and joy below that is all mainly that keeps me happy besides my system and the family. She is my main priority as you may already know since I mentioned her above.

    Ruby: The Rhodesian Ridgeback

    I thought doing these things and expressing my true attitude might encourage others to have a high level of honesty about who they really are dispite the fear and stupidity in this world. And in all respect, I am kind towards others with any opinion.

    I am not the brightest guy around but I do well with finding sources and working with directions. I am a visual learner mostly and I hope you enjoyed reading my description.

    A few final statements - I will be willing to find my Wii number and share it if possible. Hence call me not a rebel unless you want to. I accept all forms of critisism because I am used to it. Thus I have a history not shared but you will have to ask for that personally and the background behind the sob story if you want to know more.

    Otherwise... you can wait for me to share or post my findings on myself and the Wii along with other qualities you may ask out of your own curiousity.

    I will also answer the question why did I do what I had done and why am I on the internet?

    Well... If it is out there it is out there and I cannot change that now. I was mentally challanged this year and trying to be more involved.

    Such it is that I had a stupidity and a luck streak not to be in trouble and search for adventure with experience.

    Just google my name if you do not want to wait and discover a regular person who is unknown. I have strange followers and observers who do not leave a message so it does not matter to me what I do unless it abides by standards. I have done stranger things but not as stupid as I have done in the past to present day.

    This is all of the information I would like to share in regards to my stupidity for now since it is best for this forum.

    Please contact me. I may not always be on but that does not mean I am not active and I will respond when I get the chance.

    I wish everyone a good time with their lives in hope they have better luck. Feel free to give advice or any ideas to me that could encourage the Wii experience.

    I try to avoid spam topics and write my own reports, forums, and ideas using many sources giving credit where credit is due.

    I do not take responsibility for the actions of other people but myself and hope to be a loyal person.

    I apologize to all for my description and introduction being so long.


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    Hi Howler,

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