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Thread: Pokemon Rumble error 2011

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    Pokemon Rumble error 2011

    I've tried everything to fix this, but nothing will change...
    I downloaded the Pokemon Rumble wad and read that you needed an IOS for it to work. I installed IOS61-64-v5405, and that worked fine, but i still get an error when I try to install Pokemon Rumble (ret= -2011). What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi there, here to solve this error ^^ [click here] sorry we are late but next time better to ask in WiiHacks Newbie Discussions Forum thx to brother krank again for the link

    Regards, Necro

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    This user did not tell us what system menu version he has so for clarification, that link will only work on Wiis 3.1-4.1. If you have 4.2 you will need to follow Step 3 of ShadowSonic2's Softmod for ANY 4.2 wii.

    (this can all be found in the error index)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Seems I forgot about that point cuz I wanted to help too ^^" Any way, nice to see you again brother krank ^_~ and I hope you are great and everything is going well

    Regards, Necro

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