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Thread: Updated System Menu to 4.1 and many IOS now Black screen issue

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    Updated System Menu to 4.1 and many IOS now Black screen issue

    OK Updated System Menu to 4.1 and many IOS. My Homebrew screen was upside down and system menu has black screen. Can run Priloader to get to Homebrew. Fixed Homebrew upside down screen and reinstalled all IOS and Channels. However still black screened. Any ideas? I think its still a IOS issue but don't know what system menu 4.1U is dependant on. I do have IOS 60 installed. Help the helpless please.

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    Hold resest and boot into priiloader
    click hack
    disable all hacks, except block online updates and block disk updates.
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    I'm amazed. That worked. What clued you that it was a priiloader setting?
    A big thanks!!!!

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    That you can run priiloader but not anything else and you had reinstalled all the ios's etc.


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