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Thread: DVD Read error 1167 on retail game.

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    DVD Read error 1167 on retail game.

    I replaced my D3-2 drive with my old chipped D2C drive. I'm trying to play the NTSC version Super Smash Brothers Brawl with my chipped drive on a PAL system. The Disc Channel says it can't recognize the disc and Neogamma R8 gives me read error 1167. I'm thinking the chip needs to be reseated. It's solderless. It launched just fine on my D3-2 drive through neogamma. Also, I'm running cIOS249 rev19.

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    I know it works on IOS 249 Rev 17, perhaps you should try that (bad combos/merges can result in problems).

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    I enabled the Region Free Everything hack in priiloader, it is recognized in the disc channel, but gives me a black screen when booted. It works when booted with tv type set to 50hz, but it's glitchy. Same thing happens when I boot a NTSC version of The Wind Waker, except it doesn't work regardless of any tv type setting.

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    Make sure your priiloader hack 'force disc to run from ios 249' isn't enabled. I mistakenly enabled mine before and couldn't play any retail discs.
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    It isn't listed in my hacks. My other retail games work, they're PAL though.

    EDIT: Tried rev 17, didn't work, getting the same error.
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