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Thread: Mario Takes to the Street (curbs)

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    Mario Takes to the Street (curbs)

    by Nick Simberg

    Mario is an icon. Mario is "geek chic" culture personified. Mario is... almost sickeningly overused.
    Art, music, sculpture... almost anything creative and game-related invariably traces its roots back
    to our favorite red-capped plumber. It's easy to become jaded by the sheer volume of Mario-related geekery.

    And then something like this comes out:

    It's a game (a whole six-minute speedrun game) of the original NES Super Mario Bros. played on a
    street curb instead of on a TV. It's not projected on there or anything, it just... is there. Shaky cam,
    8-bit graphics, classic soundtrack, pure Mario. I don't know how it was done, but MAN I'm glad it was.

    Watch it, and love it.

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    That video is made of pure awesome :O
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