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Thread: Questions about buying a premod wii

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    Questions about buying a premod wii

    I am gonna purchase a premodded wii from someone that has a game library on storage card. What are some questions I should ask when i go over to look at the unit. I know it has all the hardware needed more looking for what I should ask about the modding he has done and what I need to be aware of. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Be sure it is not somebody under cover as buying premods with game library is highly illegal.

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    Don't buy any games. If you get caught then you will be paying off the fines for the rest of your life.

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    well its a friend buying i will tell him about the games is there any questions regarding the console I should ask

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    find out what version it is if its 3.1 you'l have to update to 4.1 4.2 which is really easy to do from an excellent guide on here youl need the wii on wii-connect (internet wifi) to do this

    if it has newer games like nsmb, mario galaxy 2, GH5 on it then you should have all the updates software you need even better if you get a HDD with it

    if it has a HDD then ask can you play backup disc's on it if you can then its over 2 years old if not then you have to play everything from HDD playing from HDD is better as the disc's don't run at full speed anyway and does put pressure on the laser. with the HDD you can also play movies from the HDD this is only from my knowledge of a softmod wii not sure about hard modded wii

    you can always find updates on here if you get stuck

    one more thing ask if it had priiloader installed and if so ask for the copy of the NAND as he would have most probably made one youl need that if the wii goes BANG ( bricked) to restore your wii just like a windows restore also ask if it has all updates turned off then you can connect to the internet fine with games and backup games

    maybe someone else can comment on a hardmod wii as i have no experience on hardmod
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