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Thread: 4.1 to 4.2 to 4.3

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    Wink 4.1 to 4.2 to 4.3

    hi everyone thanks for the awesome site and everyones brilliant guidance and simplicity to the amazing wii. i have modded for a while and always used 4.2 as a basis for modding as i found it the easiest to use. now that 4.3 is here i tried modding a wii from 4.1 by updating it to 4.2 using a download pack i found. the problem is that after following the instructions and updating it to 4.2e i think i forgot to install an ios from the pack and was unsure if everything was correct. i got the hbc channel working but yet was unable to install cios 249 v14. after uninstalling and reinstalling hbc i was in the same predictament so like an idiot i upgraded to 4.3. now i dont know where i am, everything is wiped(hbc) and i dont know where to go. am i still virginated or modded? please help and what do i do? thank you so much

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    Please pay more attention to what section you post in. You posted in the site login and registration problems area...(I moved it here)

    Sounds like you have no cIOS so you will need to follow the 4.3 Virgin Softmod Guide by Mauifrog.
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    I would start off with WHY?? I second Krank's advice as far as what to do now, but why would you not follow Dogegg's guide to start with? My 2nd mod was a 3.4 to 4.1, which went as smooth as my original 4.2 mod. The information and knowledge found here allows for modding any version. You can mod the 4.3 but have now created more work for yourself. here is another link that may help.
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    Mostly because this user hasn't a clue, nor did he follow a wiihacks recommended guide. OP: the advice you have received thus far is on the money, I suggest you follow it.


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