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Thread: Ripping DVDs and Mplayer CE

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    Ripping DVDs and Mplayer CE

    Hi guys i didn't know where else to put this question so here it is.
    i'm ripping my (for real legit retail)DVD library to put on my HDD to watch with Mplayer CE.
    now my confusion comes with movies such as Star Wars, where only some parts (greedo) require subtitles. would these be hard coded into the vob of the dvd? do i have to rip the subtitles as well and have it on the wii and turn it on/off as necessary? i really only want the non-english parts of the movies subbed.
    I all ready ripped 3 dvds to .isos like a dummy before discovering magic dvd ripper, so i figured i'd ask before wasting more of my time using the wrong program/procedures.
    thanks guys!

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    um, the easiest thing I do is look for already done files out there in internet land.If you already own the dvds I dont think DLing a digital version of what you already own is bad.

    i got over 400 dvds and i rip 80% of them myself.... but for eposidic disks and movies with subtitles its easier to DL something that someone else as already done

    and the best ripping options I think are to use xvid compression. look on youtube for a vid that is labeled something like "how to rip dvds to 700mb like Axxo".

    that will show you how to rip the dvds you already own with the best compression vs disk space used possible.

    however that brings up to another issue.... all that is outdated.

    the wii cant play HD files, so if you have newer movies like matrix, lord of the rings etc, or anything blueray quality if you have a ps3 or something else its better to watch movies that way.

    the reason i say this is i am in middle of converting my 400+dvds to a all digital collection on my HDs.... i reccomend ripping newer movies in the newer .mkv format as it plays back on any PC, plays on xbox and ps3 with very minimal work as well, and still keeps your "HD quality" movies in HD at a fraction of the size.

    HD movie rips (.mkv files)=1.2gb-2gb

    the size diff is noticeable of course.... but so is the quality of picture. as you move on in life to a HD tv (if dont have one yet) and such you will be better served to at least be aware of this, i throw it out there as I am now redoing most of my collection and wish someone had told me this when i started out awhile back. so if the wii is your ONLY method of movie playback then you must rip them to xVID codec.... however if you have something better (ps3/xbox/PC/dvdplayer with usb output,etc) you would be better served to use the new .mkv as xvid looks poor on tvs 45inchs or bigger

    so xvid or mkv are ur options. i really really really suggest .mkv but it depends on weither you have something that can play it or will in the future,as the xvid is getting obsolete (if not already)

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    thanks for your great tips, randomalias
    i only have a wii, and my TV is tiny and old and also im broke with no hope of getting a better tv in the next 5 years or so, so dvdrips is where its at
    my problem was specifically with the subtitles and movies where only a few lines here and there are subbed, like star wars or kill bill. i'd rather rip it myself and put the subs in or whatever as my ISP has a rather low dl limit, but if its unanimous that the effort involved is not worth it i will dl it.
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    i will look around for you but i made it a point to DL movies that had subtitles JUST to avoid that problem lol so no expiernece with it for me

    hopefully i find something good or someone else here knows how to do it?

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    heh thanks man.. its looking like you had the right idea though... especially considering the only movies in my collection i can think of that would fall into this category would be star wars and kill bill lol

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    well yeah if you can afford the bandwidth... its certainly the easiest way to go lol

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    oh snap buddy, was just watching my Clan of the Cave Bear rip, totally hard coded subs, gonna rip Star Wars and see if it does the same for Jabba and Greedo etc..

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    nice GL yeah i know subs can be a real pain sometimes to get proper so hopefully it turns out the best for ya


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