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Thread: How to backup NAND after installing bootmii, HBC, etc ?

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    How to backup NAND after installing bootmii, HBC, etc ?

    I followed a tutorial on another site, unfortunately not knowing about this one at the time. That tutorial ended at installing the homebrew channel, with no other information. It also had no information about doing a NAND backup, and so know im at the step after installing HBC in the 4.1 tutorial, trying to finish it, and its telling me to do a NAND backup..

    bootmii is installed on a 4.1u system as boot, but I cannot figure out how to just do a nand backup without reinstalling/uninstalling anything..

    Looked through the tutorials and about 10-15 pages of search for nand, but couldnt find a clear answer.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.

    also, i already downloaded all the files from the 4.1 tutorial and replaced the old files on the sd card, so as to follow the tutorial better.. havent had any problems, but dont want to continue any further without a nand backup.

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    If BootMii is already installed (you'll know by the two quick flashes on your Wii), simply have the bootmii folder in the root of your SD card while booting up your console. From there you'll be able to create a nand backup.

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    From Homebrew Channel click on the home button and then Bootmii.
    Then use the power button on your wii to advance to the settings menu and hit reset to select.
    In settings menu navigate to the chip pointing to the SD card and hit reset.
    Nand backup will start.
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