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Thread: can wbfs files be used as iso's for building usb partitions?

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    can wbfs files be used as iso's for building usb partitions?

    i am faced with this problem i have wbfs file images of certain titles and want to make a usb loader memory stick................... type thingy can anyone help??

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    Kinda have the same issue, I have some games that are WBFS format, and I am on a mac with WBFS 1.0 for osx. I have no idea how to import the games to my wbfs drive when they are WBFS format.. the ISO files work just fine tough. Any tips ?

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    wii game manager load the files into the game manager then select send to .wbfs partition and it will do it automatically for you.

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    Thank you for a quick response, but as I said. I run a Mac with OS X and WBFS 1.0 (wich is the only supported wbfs manager for mac) and it has no such ability :-/

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    same problem here for me...

    nvm...what he said worked....downloaded it....sent this work for a .bin file as well though??? because i somehow have game in .bin format...if not what can i do???
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    A .bin file is the same as a iso. Should be possible to just mount it.
    Atleast that works the same way with deamon tools..

    I am not sure how it works with wbfs tough.
    Still, does anyone know how I can mount .wbfs files into a wbfs disc with a mac ?

    Situation: I have 2-3 games with the .wbfs ending, I use WBFS manager 1.0 for mac (only compatible wbfs manager) and .iso`s work fine.

    Help ?

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    Use WiiJManager
    WiiJManager Multiplataform (Windows/OS X) -

    It installs .wbfs or .iso games into the wbfs partition in Mac OSX (or any platform).

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    Thank you so much!

    Trying it as we speak.


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