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Thread: Brawl Codes Help

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    Brawl Codes Help

    Hey guys. I'm pretty new, though not completely, to homebrew on the Wii, and I'd like to ask for a bit of assistance. Also, I made this thread on this forum because it falls into various categories, and I wouldn't want to post it in the wrong forum.

    I'm trying to use Brawl hacks on my backup, but they don't seem to work for some reason. I used Cheat Manager, checked 2 hack boxes(infinite jumps and stand on air with Y) and pressed 1 to create the GCT file, and exited out. I've tried using Neogamma r8 b15 and Uloader, and they both say "Codes found, applying". But when the game boots up, the codes are not in effect. I've tried several different Hook Types, but that didn't work either and I'm starting to think it's another problem. Any advice?

    BTW, I don't think it's the cheats themselves. I checked that everything on Cheat Manager was correct.

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    It might be the codes anyway, are you sure they are for your version of the game (ntsc/pal)?

    I never bothered with codes on the wii so I can't help you much other then that.
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