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Thread: back up my usb hdd to another hdd

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    Us back up my usb hdd to another hdd

    OK I love the feature That I can run all my games off my usb hdd i have spent alot of time today installing those games to my hard drive. is there a way I can back up this data to a different hdd in case that my usb hdd goes bad. The reason is I had way to many hdd fail on me in the last 3 years. I just want to be safe. and save me some time. is there a fast way of doing this thank you in advance

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    Download WBFS Manager 3.0, then you can clone drives, ive done this with my 1TB and 4GB flash, but when I do both 1TB drives at same time my pc wont recognize the second one I plug in, so if yours does let me know.

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    thank you I look into it I got to get another xternal drive. But I let you know via pm when I do. thanks.


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