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Thread: Installed Wasabi, game asking for update?

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    Installed Wasabi, game asking for update?

    Hey guys I thought I'd ask a simple question. I just installed my Wasabi DX and upgraded the firmware. However when I put a game disc inside it asks me to update my Wii. I thought the Wasabi DX had a update blocker. How do I bypass the update screen? I have one of the origonal Wii's and I don't want to update unless of course I have to.


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    you need the ios required to play the game. check this thread:
    personally i use priiloader to block updates nowadays. to install that look here:
    Dop-Mii is an awesome program for installing the latest IOS'es. you can run that after softmodding using one of the guides in the RECOMMENDED FAQ's, GUIDES & TUTORIALS ONLY section.

    I know it seems like a lot to go through but using a wasabi chip, plus being softmodded myself from one of the guides on this site is working great for me.

    The only other alternate is to search around here and the internet to see if there is indeed a system menu update on the game disc. Without knowing what game you're trying to play I don't know myself. If there is not a system menu update on it, then the update simply will install the correct IOS that it needs to be able to read the game disc, and you'd be all set.

    There is an Update blocker built into the Wasabi DX. You can enable or disable it by rerunning the DX firmware disc. It doesn't do as good of a job blocking as priiloader does though. Plus priiloader adds a level of protection from bricking, as well as other hacks and options, that aren't available any other way.
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