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Thread: Can I install anti-brick after softmod 4.2E?

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    Can I install anti-brick after softmod 4.2E?

    Hi. I just got Wii 4.2E
    I have successfully installed softmod doing the following (yourTUT YouTube tutorial):
    1. Install homebrew with Bannerbomb v2
    2. Using Multi-mod mngr on homebrew:
    Installed a patch IOS36
    Removed stubbed IOS
    Run wad manager - installed 8 modules
    3. Installed uLoader

    Just in case..can I now do any anti-brick action (NAND backups on the net?), maybe I need BootMii?
    In case of brick, do I have any recovery path with my current 1.2.3 setup?

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    Following youtube is a horrible idea. Look over the 4.2 guide in my sig to see if you missed anything... like a cios... If you can install bootmii as boot2 do it. If you can only install it as an ios then do that too. Also follow the steps to install priiloader since that is brick protection as well.

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    I trust you on this...unfortunately I only found this forum after modding.
    Your 'updating your softmod' guide is great! - thanks for the prompt reply
    Couple of questions, doubts:
    1) Do you support the use of the MMManager? it's so easy...I believe you can also install BootMii
    2) What is the reason behind upgrading an existing - working - softmod? (other than add brick protection?)
    3) Is not really the brick-protection a measure intended to recover from an error that could occurr during the softmod? I mean, once the risk is taken and the softmod done, is there still a risk of 'brick? (I am NOT connected to internet)
    3b) What is the % probability distribution vs. various causes of brick?


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