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Thread: wii not seeing fat 32 partition on external seagate expansion 1.5 TB

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    wii not seeing fat 32 partition on external seagate expansion 1.5 TB

    I am having a problem with my new seagate expansion 1.5 TB hard drive. I can get games to load off of the wbfs partition but. Uloader (4.9, 5.0 and 5.1d. Tried all of them) does not see the the fat32 partition so I can play VC/ wiiware games. I checked the compatibility chart but this drive is not on there. I had a 1.5 TB wd that worked fine but crapped out on me and I got this drive instead. I didn't change any settings after I got this seagate but wouldn't work. Like I said normal games work great but fat option does not appear in Uloader. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    this might be a simple fix. i've done that before. when formatting it did you set the partition as active? if not it won't show up even on the computer. may check into that.

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    seagate hard drive

    Yeah. Its actve. I thought that was the problem so I went and reformatted it but still no go.

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    How many partitions do you have? I had the same problem as I had 3 partitions wbfs, ntfs and fat32 and I reformatted the whole thing and make second part fat32 and that seemed to sort it, although I was advised it didn't matter.

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    I've only got the two partitions. wbfs and fat 32. I dont understand how uloader can see the wbfs but not the fat32. ususally its the other way around. my computer sees the partition fine.

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    i am kinda having the same problem, wondering if there is something i missed
    Uloader multi partitions problem -

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    Make sure that both partitions are set as primary, and there may be a setting in uLoader as to which partition you want to play from. I'm not sure, but uLoader probably cannot read from both partitions at the same time.


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