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Thread: Wii PC Tool to tell languages in iso?

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    Wii PC Tool to tell languages in iso?

    Hello. I'm new to Wii.
    I managed to connect WBFS HD with .iso backups.
    Is there a tool to check the set of languages supported by a specific .iso? (specifically IT)
    I use WiiTDB, but frequently I get inaccurate info...such as EN.FR, but then I find the IT cover and IT language IS indeed supported.
    Any PC Tool that can together with the ID, the set of supported package directly from the .iso?
    By the way I don't want to do any language patch...

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    Just look on the original cover when you buy the game

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    Problem is I lost my cover. Would like to tell using my backup .iso
    Thanks for your useful reply

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    It's OK no problem,

    I'm not sure what else you need though?? If you bought the original game then surely it would be in the language you require? If you lose your cover then it's still going to be in the language you bought it in.

    And if you've now sorted that game - what else do you need? Or have you lost the covers for every game you bought?

    On a serious note:
    1 - This site doesn't support piracy
    2 - I don't know of any tool which will do what you are asking

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