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Thread: Bannerbomb v3?

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    Question Bannerbomb v3?

    I had the Homebrew Channel for quite a while, using Bannerbomb (the first one). I have just recently gotten a new Wii. I'm aware that there is a Bannerbomb v2 for Wii system firmware 4.2.
    Unfortunately, New Wii's come with Wii system firmware 4.3. I'm also aware that there are still some ways to get Homebrew on the Wii. Yet, these ways require games that I do not have. Such as Smashstack and Indiana Pwns.

    So my question is, since the only option for getting HBC on my Wii is Bannerbomb. Will bannerbomb V3 come out? for Firmware 4.3.

    Thank you

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    Bannerbomb is blocked. There may be a new exploit eventually, but not likley a bannerbomb v3. Buy/Borrow/Rent one of the games.

    Also, just because you buy a new Wii that doesn't mean it will come with 4.3 out of the box.
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