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Thread: Couple Questions no real thread title

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    Couple Questions no real thread title

    OK i very new at softmodding. I want to run all my games off a usb which I was successfull at doing. I could not get hack mii to get as boot2 so I dont believe I can get priiloader to work. I am worried if upon new purchases I will have to worry about disk updates. my question is do I have to worry about these update is 1 I install the game to the hdd 2 load disk from neogamma.

    My usb hard drive works and gets into the xternal hdd but sometimes it will not I have to restart the wii to get it to work again. my hdd is on the compatible list. Or is this a bug I just have to deal with.

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    Bootmii has nothing to do with priiloader. Install Priiloader and enable block online and disk updates. When ripping your disks Via USB Loader you don't need to worry about an update, you will never see one if you are playing from USB as the update partition is removed when transferred.

    This is a known issue with certain HD's and possibly the Revision of USB loader in use.
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    thank you for your answer I appreciate it. edited do to I figured what I did wrong. I can get priiloader to work now.
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    Should be included in the guide. Try this priiloader guide.

    Add Priiloader to 4.1U or 4.1E or 4.2U or 4.2E
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    Look at step A1 of that guide, it is in that pack.Move it to your wad folder and your good.


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