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Thread: proof that 4.3E is real i really need help with this

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    Angry proof that 4.3E is real i really need help with this

    hi iv attached a pic of my screen for proff of firmware its really doing my head in cuz its blocked everythink like homebrew and what av ya lol iv tryed downgrading using super smash bros brawl but i have the pal version and i dont think that works for some reason please help me im going mad
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    I've read that smash stack (the ssbb hack) works only on NTSC versions of the game.

    Your next best bet would be indiana pwns
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    i know iv just found that out

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    Wut yo takin boot we gots iz tred 4 looks to c.


    See how hard that is to understand? Please refrain from l33t speak and abbreviated words when you post here if you anticipate an accurate response. Thank you. If English is not your first language I apologize but do recommend the use of Google Translate.

    Have a look at one of our 4.3 threads to continue softmodding your Wii. Questions go in the thread for the guide you are following. Recommended FAQ/Guides section.
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