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    *FREE* Wii Remote Jackets

    Thought I'd post this, if anyone wants Wii Remote Jackets.

    If you recently bought a new Wii system (might work if it's not new as well) .. you can order Wii Remote Jackets for all your Wii-motes.

    I bought three Wii-motes BEFORE I bought my Wii system in September. Unfortunately, only the Wii-mote with the system came with that big silicone jacket.

    So I just received three *FREE* jackets from Nintendo! (pic attached)

    Go here:
    | Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii Remote Jacket Accessory Offer

    Enter your Wii serial and how many jackets .. I only ordered three .. because I didn't want them to get suspicious.

    But the good thing is .. when I ordered the extra jackets .. it did NOT check my serial number to see if my system was new or not. (I tried this with the new locking straps .. but the order page checks your serial number .. and told me I already had the new straps)

    Give it a try! You can't beat FREE!
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    Thanks alot, this is alot like the locking strap give away thing lol. I know a site where you can order free blind canes? :O


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