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Thread: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fans here!!!

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    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fans here!!!

    well i thought i should make one
    so if you wanna play online with me or anyone just post your name and friend code(can be found on the top of the friends screen in the wifi menu)
    my friend code is 1978-4406-8133 and my name is PAO13071

    and if you haven't even heard of the game here is a review from ign
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    I bought a japanese wii just to buy this game and play it when it was just released in japan. lol im dumb i know but i love fighting games and this was was worth 380 bucks to play. unfortuatly for me they announced a year after it had been out that it would come to the america. but all good now i just have a japanese version of a game i love with all my heart. I will definitly add you when i get my wii all set up and backing up my wii games to my hdd.

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    Hi people! I am a big fan of this game as well, my code is 0561-6273-6143 and my name is PELO. By the way, I have a wifi connection, and the truth is it sucks, I cannot play 100% cause its delay...

    Is it worth to get wired? Does it look really better with a cable connection?


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