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Thread: I have Wiikey 1 with New Super Mario Bros update EU on a US Wii =( Help!

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    Unhappy I have Wiikey 1 with New Super Mario Bros update EU on a US Wii =( Help!

    Hi all,

    Somehow I managed to get a NSMBW PAL (Europe) update installed on a US Wii

    Now I am not able to go to Wii Settings, it will show me a Opera Browser page not found error, and the worst thing is that I'm not sure if I have 4.1E or 4.2E on my US Wii.

    I have this ISO Burned to a DVD: [Wii]New_Super_Mario_Bros_Wii[PAL][FullISO][]

    And its update was installed on my Wii, my son have got this from one of his friends.

    The current status of my Wii is:

    - RUnning New Super Mario Bros Wii Europe (PAL) DVD
    - Running Mario Kart Backup DVD

    But some other games are no longer functional like Super Mario Galaxy 1 and I have burned a DVD Super Mario Galaxy 2 yesterday which is not working as well (System files corrupted).

    - Cannot access Wii Settings

    - Still have my Homebrew Channel working

    - I have Bootmi working too

    - I have a NAND backup but with this problem =/ I didnt know about this NAND backup until yesterday.

    So if I brick my Wii at least I can revert the NAND and play a few games.

    I have tried some guides to have USB Loading setup here but everytime I get a error code.

    - ret -1035 for SystemMenu 4.1U installation
    - ret -1036 for SystemMenu 4.2U Installation
    - ret -2011 for one of the IOS installations

    I guess that's all. =/

    At least it is not fully bricked.

    Thanks for your help in case you have any advice!

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    Is there any solution to revert that to a 4.2u System? From a 4.2E?

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    Hi all,

    Please close this topic.

    I was able to restore my system menu to 4.1u using this guide:

    I was missing one of the steps when I treied it before I created this topic.

    Thanks wiihacks team and everyone who contribute. THanks mauifrog.


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