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    uLoader is a homebrew application for the Wii developed by Hermes, based on Kwiirk YAL and Waninkoko USB Loader with its own cIOS (cIOS222/223/224) to launch backups from USB devices or a Disc.

    • Using dev / mload and EHCI module based on interruptions.
    • 222/223/224 cIOS own, based on IOS 38, 37, 57 and / or 60
    • Ehcmodule configurable from the Special Menu / "uLoader Hacks"
    • * Support for USB devices to run backup DVD to DVD (the original games do not work because conventional DVD players do not support the Wii format.)
    • Module FAT / FFS to simulate the NAND and redirect the games (saves) of Wii games to SD or USB device.
    • Allows to export the items in the NAND FAT devices (SD / USB).
    • Virtual Console and WiiWare games emulation (with On-Line games That allow support in it)
    • Support to copy and emulate the DLC for Wii and WiiWare games from SD or USB.
    • WAD Installer for content WiiWare, Virtual Console and DLC.
    • Ability to use alternative cIOS 222 or 223/224 to launch games.
    • Supports Forced video and language selection in video games.
    • Display screen 15 games by Showing the cover of the game.
    • Ability to add covers to the games from the SD or Automatically via the Internet.
    • It has a configurable screen play favorites (up to 15 games.)
    • Support for SD and USB-to-use format FAT/FAT32 Ocarina cheat files GCT-through files, TXT or WIP Wii games, WiiWare and VC. (To use tricks from USB requires an additional FAT32 partition to the partition WBFS)
    • Support for devices in FAT32 format (SD and USB) to run Wii games in.
    • Support for multi-play DVD format using.
    • Support parental control and recording of activity from the previous 10 games executed.
    • Supports hard drives up to 2 TB and up to 4 partitions WBFS in the same USB device.
    • Support for widescreen monitors 16:9
    • Support for loading games using one. DOL alternate from USB, SD and DVD (for example, (Wii Sports Resort, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Red Steel)
    • Support for WDM files in games that use multiple DOL files (for example, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Sam and Max Season 1 Sam and Max Season 2)
    • Support for protected games BCA (For example, New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
    • Texts in English and Spanish (auto according to the language settings of the console)
    • Support for custom background music, adding a file. Mod uLoader directory.
    • 4 different Pointers with 2 different sizes.
    • Support Command in dip_plugin and ehcmodule
    • Test mode support for USB compatibility issues.
    • Support for renaming games directly from the application.
    • Support to remember the tricks Ocarina previously selected (only when used from TXT files).
    • Update via Internet from within the application.
    • Record or exclude recording the daily games console (Thanks to Mark R.)
    • Plays the sound of the selected game banner.
    • Support for controlling the main interface with Wiimote, Classic controller or the Guitar Hero guitar.
    • Installing v5 (65535), you can upgrade the firmware console.cIOS 222 and 223 wont be replaced by Stubs.

    ULOADER 5.1E
    ULOADER Forwarder by pepxl
    ULOADER Forwarder ALT(OGG MOD) by pepxl


    CHANNEL: 5.1D [22Blocks]
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Package Contents uLoader]"][Package Contents uLoader]

    • Directory "apps": Files and directories necessary to run from Homebrew Channel .
    • Subdirectory "cIOS_installer": Application to install cIOS 202/222/223/224
    • Subdirectory "uLoader" Main application to run games from USB devices

    • Directory codes: Archives WDM for games Metroid Prime Trilogy (R3M.wdm), Sam & Max Season 1 (R3X.wdm), Sam & Max Season 2 (R3Y.wdm), Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (RJ8.wdm ) and Red Steel (REDP41.wdm).WDM files allow access through a list (in a more simple than Alternative DOL) to DOL files available in games IOS performing Real.

    • Directory "forwarder_v2B" files and directories to create channels of uLoader forwarder.
    • Subdirectory "Loadstructor" files and directories necessary to add support to Loadstructor to create channels of uLoader forwarder.
    • Subdirectory "Yaulct" files and directories necessary to add support to Yaulct to create channels of uLoader forwarder.
    • File "forwarder.dol" DOL file base to create channels of uLoader forwarder with other applications.

    • Directory "src" source code to modify uLoader applications, DOL forwarder, and wbfs_win isotociso.(The source installer cIOS and independently distributed).
    • Directory "uloader_alternative" DOL executable file with the alternate version of uLoader for more information see Alternative uLoader of this article.

    • Wbfs_win Directory: Application to manage images ISO / CISO Wii games from the PC

    • Directory "isotociso" command line application for Windows that lets you convert a. Iso image to a Wii game. CISO, or in reverse. CISO to. Iso.

    Version 5.1
    - Added dev/mload shadow engine (to avoid PoP device detection)
    - Added .wip file support (put it in folder sd:/ codes or usb:/ codes). You can use 3, 4 or 6 chars for the ID (corrected)
    - Removed port 1 USB support (because it donīt work)
    Version 5.0
    - Improved cheats support allowing files with 4 chars ID for WiiWare and other things
    - WDM file support (put it in folder sd:/ codes or usb:/ codes). You can use 3, 4 or 6 chars for the ID
    - Added self-selection using 4 chars on the covers id for Wiiware and removed WiiWare title display when adding a PNG file as icon
    Version 4.9C
    - Changes in Game Configuration menu
    Version 4.9B
    - __CFG_ entry bug in WBFS fixed
    - Some problems with unaligned memory/memory allocation fixed in alternative dol function (apparently XD)
    - Others minor bugs fixed
    Version 4.9A
    - Resolution of the bugs found until now.
    - Internet Support for Wiiware's and song download from the Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero 5 Stores (it does not work with Rock Band 2)
    - Added option to detect the Homebrew channel correctly
    - New Button "Use Diary" to avoid (or not) the registry of the games in the Wii diary
    - POWER button control desactived and derived to the stm/eventhook function to avoid the problem of Wiimote On when you press POWER button
      (some games don't use stm/eventhook, so remember you to use RESET button or exit to Home Menu to unmount the FAT device and preserve the disc
      integrity without losing datas)
    - Improvements in FAT support, FFS emulator, blah, blah XD ;) 
    Version 4.8
    Thanks to "elpresi" and "kwanbis" to translate the spanish text ;)
    What's new:
    - Improved savegame and FAT support
    - Wiiware/VC games emulation
    - Wiiware/VC/DLC content installer (Copy wads to sd:/nand/install or usb:/nand/install)
    - Auto-icon function for Wiiware/VC: It uses a series of checks to extract an image from icon.bin and use it as default (It can fail as it
    is a real chaos to find an image there... maybe in the future an image could be selected from banner.bin or icon.bin). This icon can be removed either by adding a PNG image from the usual place or by using the default icon if "Edit CFG#2" -> "Delete Icon" is selected.
    - Function to autocomplete/update shared content and option to force update of Wiiware/VC content (the former is done when the game is run; the latter with "Edit CFG #2" -> "Force Content Update")
    - FAT unmounting support when exiting to the menu, or when using the Reset or Power buttons (by monitoring /dev/stm/eventhook, /dev/stm(immediate and both buttons interrupt vectors)
    - Option to redirect to x:/nand/ when seeking downloadable content (DLC) when saves are emulated in nand2, 3 or 4
    - Backup/restore support for the quicksave/snapshot files created by certain Wiiware when exiting to the menu (qsdata.bin or snapshot.bin are restored if lost)
    - Support for copying game related DLC to the specified path.
    - Classic Controller suport added.
    - New uLoader hacks to set cIOS 224 as default cIOS and new "back in black" option to change the background look by having the posibility to add a PNG (640x480 true color) as wallpaper from sd:/background.png, sd:/apps/uloader/background.png or usb:/background.png, usb:/apps/uloader/background.png)
    Wiiware / VC
    Every time a wad is installed the newest version of the shared content is used. uLoader has its own installer which doesn't use the system, so it needs to manage the shared content by itself and set it as private. Old content update can be forced with a button, but it is recommended to install first the newest Wiiwares to get from the beginning the newer version of shared content.
    *Installation method
    Wiiware/VCs are installed in x:/nand. Copy the wads in x:/nand/install (don't copy too many as it takes some time to decrypt and install)
    * New option in Edit CFG #1:
    "Skiip Boot" -> skips the content flagged as executable and analyzes the title looking for other dol file. It is needed for some games that don't work in other ways.
    * New options in Edit CFG #2:
    Information about title path is shown (if you need to modify something, it would be x:/nand/title/00010001/xxxxxxxx where x is the information show)
    "Del Title" -> this completely deletes the Wiiware (the ususal option in uLoader to delete games is not used because an special method is needed)
    "Del Data" -> this just deletes the contents of the "_data" folder (savegames, etc)
    "Force Content Update" -> updates content that matches the hash, by scanning all the installed Wiiware. Useful in case of partial installs or game malfunction (for example, Super Mario 64's electronic manual problem in old installations can be fixed in this way)
    "Delete icon" -> damages the icon information in Wiiwares so it is not shown nor automatically updated (if you use the normal PNG delete uLoader would reinsert the icon again next time)
    Savegames / DLC in WBFS/.CISO and DVD
    Savegames work the same as in v4.5b, but now there are extra functions for DLC.
    "Use DLC form x:/nand" -> forces the load of DLC content (00010005) from x:/nand instead of the selected path for the savegame (for example you can save to x:/annd3 and take the DLC from x:/nand)
    "Copy DLC" -> similar to "NAND export save", copies DLC to the path selected for savegames (if you select "USB" and "nand2", DLC would install there).
    Installation process and working with content
    Wads copied to x:/nand/install are deleted once correctly installed. Two types are supported Wiiware/VC (00010001 titles) and DLC (00010005 titles). The routine is more permissive whith the latter with incomplete wads.
    When something is installed the content is checked and the shared content is updated if needed (in x:/nand/shared).
    The content update, if needed, is done during game execution (so the first time it will take some time if out-of-date content is found).
    uLoader modifyes title.tmd (it backs it up to #title.tmd) to flag all the content as private to avoid having to emulate the path /shared1 and thus manage to our taste shared content.
    It is also at that moment that a new ticket is generated from the actual IOS ticket to skip the ES_Identify(), FAT_Identify() and Set_UID() that otherwise would fail with IOS 37 and 57 (evidently, a false ticket is used to skip this step).
    - Don't install many wads at a time: a long time is required to decrypt and copy each game to the Wii.
    - Install new games first so older ones can get advantage of its improvements (anyway, if the game works correctly it doesn't really matter)
    - Respect original video mode, if it is not working, try the "skip IOS" option. If it is still not working, try other IOS (some games don't work with 224). Once the game is working, it can be checked if it admits the Auto or "Force PAL 60" modes for NTSC games, for example.
    - Be careful when copying DLC, because it will overwrite the old data and you could disable songs in GH, for example (a backup of title.tmd is done). If the game has the 53xxxxxx id, DLC will be at title/00010005/73xxxxxx, or put in another way, add 0x20.
    - DLC obtained in other ways, apart from being illegal, could be "trucha" and not work, be invisible to the programs or overlap with other DLCs in memory. The best thing to do is to download the free DLC to the nand without emulation (emulation gives problems with downloads) and then copy it with the "Copy DLC" to be emulated to be able to free the space that DLC took from the nand.
    FINAL NOTE: Warning: this is still experimental and there could be bugs that could make you lose all content or corrupt it, so it is adviced to do a backup of everything valuable and not push it. The extension for savegames, DLC and Wiiware is undoubtely a useful tool and it can still be improved. I am not responsible of bad uses or malfunctions and you are warned that you should protect valuable data as much as you can .
    The New in uLoader 4.5
    Sorry, this a beta preliminary and i am waiting to other person translate it or may be i do it tomorrow! :)
    I am very tired today.
    - It have a new cIOS Installer supporting the news version of IOS 37, 38, 57 and 60 without merges. It use the same folder format of NUS Downloader
    . Put the ios to install in the "ios" folder: SD:/ios/0000000100000039v5661 (encrypted files, no wads). (new stripios allow it)
    NOTE: Old v3-v4 mload can works with the new uLoaded and FFS emulation because old and new IOS 38, uses the same patches.
    - It have a new FAT / FFS module that emulates the saves of the console (see Configuration -> Edit CFG#2, select a connected device
    and folder (it support "nand", "nand2", "nand3" and "nand4"). You can export from the NAND the saves (if you have) one or launch directly
    and teh game creates one. If the folder countain datas, you can see it in Green and Red without any datas. SD is protect for Game access
    if you are using it (remember you need a SD with 32KB per cluster to work in optimus conditions)
    NOTE: You can exit to the system menu without hang. FAT/FFS Module Unmount the FAT devices when one application launch a title and releases all the patches.
    So you must exit to the menu if you want protect your SD/USB datas properly (it flushes the cached datas)
    NOTE2: FFS module is based in the reversed code of Spaceman Spiff (thanks)
    - Support for the Wii diary (thanks to Mark R. by the code)
    - isotociso don't ask "press any key" when you launch it from command line
    - wbfs_win now repair bad blocks in WBFS partitions using the "Integrity check function". It test for blocks marked as "Free" when it is 
    used by the Games and test for blocks "in Use", without any use (only when the disc is OK without any previous error)
    The New in uLoader 4.1
    - Support for devices > 1 Terabyte in uLoader improved   (max 2 TB)
    - Fixed a bug that disables the load games from DVD when the FAT partition is mounted from SD and USB is offline.
    - improved .ciso import from wbfs_win.exe and fixed a bug for devices > 1Terabyte
    - Added a new option to force SetConfiguration in ehcmodule (uLoader Hacks)
    - Added a new option for short regresive time counter to launch games from channels (Loadstructor channel). See uLoader Hacks.
    - Added the new open source dip_plugin (source code in and cios_mload_source_install_3.6.rar file)
    The New in uLoader 4.0
    .ciso: Packing format that saves the contents of a .ISO in a similar way that is stored on a WBFS partition.
    NOTE:If you are a developer you may be interested on looking the annex addresses to developers.
    - New ehcmodule externaly configurable (port, Reset Bulk, force GetMaxlun and alternative Timeout).
    - The readings are limited to 64 KB, that i hope will solve some reported reading problems.
    - Added support for .ciso reading from CD/DVD USB (for Multigame DVD or direct use)
    - Added 0xcd SWIvector for exporting data and handy functions (Ie :Using the WBFS memory heap for fat-module use)
    - New compilation to solve some problems exporting to .bin
    - Minor bugfixing
    - Added .ciso support form internal DVD drive (for Multigame DVD or direct use)
    - Added .ciso supprt for FAT devices(or others) with access to os_seek() function as byte(4GB) or as word(16GB)
    - Added new library with 4GB access through fseek SEEK_SET ( internally cast s32 to u32 and uses 64 bits check at key points)
    - Management changes on cache to alling and try to adjust of a cluster
     - Same changes that on LIBFAT, adjusting cache with a different strategy for FAT entries and data R/W
     - module compacting supressing unnecesary functions and using the WBFS memory heap for caching importing it from ehcmodule
     - The module works on FAT/FAT32 with sd: and usb: devices
      - to export .iso to .ciso or .ciso a .iso. use it first wihtout parameters or as "isotociso game.iso" or "isotociso game.ciso" on a CMD prompt
      - new version fixing the progress level
     - New code rearrangement, some bugfixing, ecetera)
     - Added .ciso support for FAT and DVD deices.
         - FAT:  Joint list up to 256 games from SD device (sd:/ciso) and USB device( first fat partition usb:/ciso).
            Remember you cannot exceed the 4GB per game limit because of this its only recommended using FAT on small like pendrives and SD cards. NOTE: Its advised to format the device to 32KB per cluster using the command "format unit: /FS:FAT32 /Q /A:32k" and watching the archives fragmentation (remove all the files and add the .ciso files FIRST if necesary).
            if you not proceed that way the reading will be VERY SLOW
            You can include covers, have favorites, rename games and also using the Alternative DOL option on FAT
         - DVD: You can burn a .ciso image directly on a DVD (on Nero "All files, burn as "mode 1" "2048 bytes" per sector )
            Also you can create a DVD in UDF format from Nero UDF (UDF Only) or using Ultraiso, no directories, no superfluous files with a max of 8 .ciso files as the current UDF support implemented is very limited. It works on a USB DVD and also on the internal DVD drive (if your console supports it, sorry black wii owners).
            You can use also the alternative dol feature from .ciso. The multigame selection is done using the special button that show on the screen.
     - Added new "uLoader hacks" menu (pressing HOME) to configure the program inner working. Requires the uLoader executable be in the sd:/apps/uloader/boot.elf path because it patches itself. To show up the echmodule.elf config options if you have troubles with your USB device run the app wiht the device unplugged, press '2'when asked, and in the DVD screen press HOME and then select uLoader Hacks to try other configurations)
    - At ehc_loop, at line 403, is the "svc 0xcd" function management (fat-module->syscalls.s ->swi_ehcmodule()). The WBFS heap ID can be obtained with the help of this service, it sizes 136KB in whole, that you can use for other purposes.
    - On main.c is connected the function who captures the syscall os_message_queue_receive() on dev/di (line 164). The management function is in ehc_loop
      linea 369.Its used here to redirect ioctl 0x7a and 0x88 modifying the message to call other ioctl that is managed from dip_plugin to workaround the Cover error
    - You must not load this if you are gonna use WBFS from ehcmodule.elf because they share the memory heap and fat-module.elf requires a lot of memory.
    - You have at your disposal the "sd:" y "usb:" devices that you must mount using their respective Ioctlv calls ( see load_fat_module() at source->  mload_modules.c)
     - At the uloader sources (source-> loader.c -> load_disc() you can se the different uses of the WDVD_SetUSBMode function.
       - Device mode (FAT): The device mode requires to copy the device path at the reserved zone for this purpose in dip_plugin (see function
         load_fat_module() in source->  mload_modules.c) who is limited to 256 bytes.
         It can be activated with WDVD_SetUSBMode((u8 *) "_DEV", 0), but you also have WDVD_SetUSBMode((u8 *) "_DEVW", 0) on foresight of a device that exceeds the 4GB limit, working os_seek() on words (file_offset/4).
        - Internal DVD mode: WDVD_SetUSBMode(NULL, lba) -> The LBA corresponds with the sector where starts the .ciso image. If the image is invalid , is treated as a normal DVD.
        - USB DVD mode: WDVD_SetUSBMode((u8 *) "_DVD", lba)-> Unlike the Internal DVD mode , here lba=0 means Normal DVD,  whereas the strart of a .ciso image is specified as lba+1. In plain words, if a .ciso image starts at the 265th sector,  you will have to pass lba=266 to work.
     NOTE: uLoader interprets UDF DVD's in a rudimentary form. Knowing how work these funcions you can create others to support other formats like ISO 9660 i have discarded because Nero doents allow to burn file of more than 2GB. You cand find the CISO / UDF support in uloader.c lines
     787 and 811 and as you can see the UDF support is rude but it works :D.
      As a trivia: I have the honour to be the first to play a wii game from a CD-R thanks to the .ciso format and obviously an external optical drive ;)
    P.S. Sorry for the broken "engrish"
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Install Hermes cIOS]"][Install Hermes cIOS]

    • 202 (For use with MPlayerCE and other homebrew applications)
    • 222 (necessary for the operation of uLoader)
    • 223 (for use with alternative cIOS uLoader)
    • 224 (for use with alternative cIOS uLoader)

    IOS 38 (By default if installing cIOS cIOS base 222 will be the IOS38, without the possibility of choosing another IOS based)

    IOS 37 (37 Preferably select IOS if installing the cIOS 223, to add support if you use USB devices as tools for Rock Band or USB microphone, otherwise the devices will not work)

    IOS 57 (57 Preferably select IOS if installing the cIOS 224, some recent games improve the reading speed based on using the IOS.

    IOS60 (60 Preferably select IOS if installing the cIOS 202. CIOS This adds support for USB 2.0 CE MPlayer and other applications like WiiXplorer)
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Running uLoader]"][Running uLoader]

    To run from the Homebrew Channel just copy the directory contents of the package APPS uLoader.

    Connect the USB device to use the port USB0 Wii console (in a horizontal position, the bottom port of the console)
    Start Homebrew Channel
    Select uLoader and press load

    If the USB device is not (WBFS) format you will be prompted by uLoader to format Already has at least one game installed, select it and press load. If you do not have any games installed, install at least one game.

    If you want to run a game from a DVD copy, insert it into the console or DVD in the drive USB and press the DVD button at the top right corner of uLoader

    If no USB device is detected uLoader automatically enters DVD mode.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Controls and use of the main interface uLoader]"][Controls and use of the main interface uLoader]
    Controll with wiimote, GC Controller or the stick of the guitar from Guitar Hero III or Guitar Hero World Tour (Other guitars May Not be supported)

    # A or Green Button: Select A or Green Button: Select
    # B or Red Button: Exit / Drop B or Red Button: Exit / Discard
    # Button + / -: Advance to next / previous + / - # Button 1 or Button Yellow: Go to page favorites
    # HOME: Special Menu (Add games, format, control, parental leave)
    # HOME: (Pointing on a play) complete a special menu (Options to add cover PNG, DOL selected alternative, delete game, etc..)
    # Left / Right (Digital Pad): Increase / Decrease the volume control on the MOD file or background music (in the main screen of game selection)
    # Left / Right (Digital Pad): Increase / Decrease the volume control on the MOD file or background music (in the main screen of game selection)
    # DOWN (Digital Pad): Turns the vibration of the controller.
    # UP (Digital Pad): Select / change four different icons for the pointer (skull, hook, life jackets and hand) with two different sizes (32 x 32 pixels and 64 x 64 pixels)[/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Special Menu]"][Special Menu]
    Attachment 2771Attachment 2776

    Return: Return to the main screen uLoader games
    Add new game: Allows you to install a new game in the active partition.Insert the game in the drive of the Wii and start the process of copying to USB storage device (the estimated copy time may vary depending on the game).
    Add Bitmap PNG: If a game does not have a cover associated uLoader display a default. If you want to change the face of a game select this option and explore the contents of your SD card or USB device to attach a cover to the game.

    1. The image files must be under the covers 200 kb and a dimension of 160 x 224 pixels or failing both the width and the height must be divisible by 16 and not exceed the size of 256 x 192 pixels.
    2. For WiiWare games and Virtual Console PNG file can have six characters of the ID as the name of the game or just 4.
    3. PNG file for the cover is added to the USB storage device directly to a section within the game
      Once associated artwork to a game for the PNG file can be removed from the SD card if desired.
    4. If you have an Internet connection on the Wii console you can press the + button in the Bitmap PNG Add option to automatically download album art from the Internet

    Delete PNG Bitmap: Deletes the cover associated to a game.

    Fix Parental Control: Allows you to select the Parental Control feature to avoid running certain games if not given a key.(The default password is 00000..Some features of the special menu will be unavailable while parental control is enabled)
    Returns to Wii menu: Allows you to return to the Homebrew Channel if uLoader has been released from the same or return to the Wii Menu when uLoader has been executed since a forwarder channel.
    Game Rename: Changes the default name of a game.Sometimes the internal name that identifies the game on the disc does not correspond to its trade name (for example, Sports Pack for Revolution is the internal name of Wii Sports).With this option through a virtual keyboard you can rename the games.
    Delete game: Delete the USB storage device currently selected game.
    El proceso es irreversible.
    The process is irreversible.
    Format Disc: Allows you to format WBFS to the current partition or USB storage device, eliminating all its contents.This process is irreversible.
    Alternative .dol: You can search the contents of a game until May DOL executable files.Selecting this option displays a list uLoader with DOL files you've found (if any).
    uLoader Update: This option allows uLoader automatically update from the Wii if you have an Internet connection.
    uLoader Hacks: This option allows you to modify executable uLoader DOL on the SD card. Among the options offered, you can set the module ehcmodule.elf USB device compatibility issues or remove the effect of winter snow
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Individual configuration options for Wii games]"][Individual configuration options for Wii games]
    Attachment 2777
    Return: This option allows us to return to the main interface uLoader.
    Configure: This option allows you to enter the configuration screen individual games.
    Add Favourite: Adds a game to a special list of up to 15 favorite games (individual for each partition). By default the screen will not be observed favorites until you have been added at least one game to the list.

    • The list of favorite games saved in the configuration file uLoader.If a game has been previously added to the list of favorites that will change to Clear Favorite
    • The list of favorite games can be customized by holding down B and A on the Wiimote, which will see a shaded icon in the bookmarks list.When released, the game is placed in the selected position.
    • Only you can move the covers of the games in the list of favorites, for the remaining games in the main interface uLoader are sorted alphabetically.

    A. Dol: This option is the same as that found in the Special Menu uLoader.Allows you to search, assign or delete an alternate DOL file (if any) on the selected game.
    Load game: As the name implies, this option starts the selected game.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Individual configuration screen for games]"][Individual configuration screen for games]
    Attachment 2773

    Select Language:
    You can force a game to run in the selected language.By default the Wii games run in the language of the console is configured.
    Video Mode: Allows forcing a game to be displayed in a different video mode (for example, running a PAL game on an NTSC television).
    cIOS/BOOT: Choose the cIOS under which a game will run.By default all games are set at 222 cIOS option (except that it has been activated to use the cIOS Hack 224)
    Parental Ctrl: Allows you to add or delete a game from the list of games with parental control. The games ask parental control password before running.
    BCA Code: This option allows us to enter setup mode BCA for games with this protection (protection BCA is an area near the center of an original DVD reserved for a barcode that uniquely identifies it and can not be duplicated by most readers / writers). In this section we indicate whether the BCA value is taken from the original disk, the database (in a text file on the sd path: / bca_database.txt) or in the case of obtaining the USB base BCA and program data at offset 0x100 of the game.
    Cheat Hooktype: This option allows the holder to use cheats (tricks) that has NeoGamma because there are cheats that require "hook" of some function of the game to work.For example, there are cheats to be updated at any moment require and even perform readings on the remote to act, so that the support necessary to find any cheats coupling point from which to act.
    Diary: Lets you choose whether the game will not register or log-Wii.If it is checked (green) the game will be recorded in the diary as if it were loaded from the Disc Channel.Turning off the game was not recorded.
    Saves & DLC: This section contains the following options to make use of the NAND emulation uLoader:
    • Saves: You can use the NAND emulation for recording and reading of Wii games from the SD card or USB storage device with a FAT32 partition.
    • From Save: Allows you delete the save game in a USB device or SD card.
    • Copy DLC: If the game has DLC (Downloadable Content) installed in NAND this option allows the console to copy the DLC to the SD card or USB storage device for use in conjunction with the NAND emulation enabled.
    • Use DLC from x: / Nand /: Lets you use the DLC for a game when the NAND emulation is activated from a different folder to SD: / nand or USB: / nand.

    Add Bitmap PNG: Allows you to add a cover to the game selected.
    Delete PNG Bitmap: lets you delete a cover associated with the selected game.
    Rename Game: Allows you to rename the selected game.
    Delete Game: Allows you to delete the selected game of the USB device.This option is disabled for Wii games on FAT32 partitions and WiiWare titles and Virtual Console.
    Discard: Ignores all changes and returns the default or previously saved.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Emulation WiiWare and Virtual Console games]"][Emulation WiiWare and Virtual Console games]
    Attachment 2763

    To install WiiWare games and Virtual Console follow the following instructions:
    • The games will be installed from placing their corresponding uLoader WAD files in the sd path: / nand / install or usb: / nand / install
    • The unit should preferably be in FAT32 format to 32k per cluster (at least 16k recommended).
    • When using SD card, preferably not be used for SDHC cards may present some compatibility issues.
    • WAD files, the installer automatically starts to run after detecting uLoader WAD files on the routes at the end of installed games appear in the FAT section of the main interface.

    Important Considerations
    • Unlike Triiforce , it is not necessary to copy any content from the console NAND nand directory of the SD card or USB storage device.
    • WiiWare games and Virtual Console will be installed by default in the directory nand SD card or USB.
    • Be careful that WAD file names are not very long (preferably less than 60 characters)
    • WAD files will be removed from the Install folder after successful completion of installation.
    • Unable to install WiiWare titles or Virtual Console from the PC as the facility performing uLoader differs from performing other applications, for example, utilities such as ShowMyWads.
    • Two types are supported for installation of WAD, WiiWare titles and Virtual Console (They are installed in X: / title/00010001) and DLC (installed in X: / title/00010005)
    • Avoid installing many WAD files at once, as the time it takes to decrypt and copy the device may be delayed.
    • If a WAD WiiWare or Virtual Console content is truncated, although the title is installed on the device might not work unless the missing content is pre-installed. The installation routine of uLoader WADs is more permissive with the DLC when the titles are incomplete.
    • Try installing the latest games for WiiWare and Virtual Console before the senior titles to count from the start with the latest version of the shared content, because every time you install a WAD uLoader making the latest version of the shared content to secure and private.
    • If you have installed first senior titles recent titles and then, using the "Force Content Update" is possible to force the upgrade of old content shared by the most recent content that has been installed.
    • When installing a new title, uLoader automatically check the content to update the list of shared content, if necessary (in x: / nand / shared).
    • Through uLoader can not export consignments of WiiWare games and Virtual Console that are in the NAND of the console. However, if you have an unencrypted line (not in BIN format) has been obtained with FTPii , Savegame Manager , FSToolBox , Triiforce or some other application, you can use in uLoader copying the contents of the consignment to the DATA directory of the title in question (X: / nand/Title/00010001/XXXXXXXX/Data).

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Individual configuration options for VC/WiiWare Games]"][Individual configuration options for VC/WiiWare Games]
    Like the Wii games, uLoader will allow us to individually configure options for running WiiWare titles and Virtual Console

    Select Language: You can force a game to run in the selected language.By default this language is taken from the console.
    Video Mode: Allows forcing a game to be displayed in a different video.Once it is established that the game works, you can test if it supports the Auto mode or forced to a different video mode, for example PAL60 in the case of an NTSC title.
    cIOS/BOOT: Choose the cIOS under which a title runs.Skip boot option ignores the marked executable content and discusses the title in search of another DOL file (This option must be activated for some games).
    Parental Ctrl:
    Allows you to add or delete a game from the list of games with parental control.
    Cheat Hooktype:
    This option allows the holder to use cheats.
    BCA Code:
    This option is disabled and has no use for WiiWare titles and / or Virtual Console.
    Lets you choose whether the game will not register or log-Wii.
    WiiWare Options: In this aparatdo we can set specific options for the title of WiiWare and Virtual Console.
    • ID: Displays information about the route of the title.It is useful if some data need to be manipulated externally, for example, copy or back up a game. IOS also shows that originally used the title to run.This data is informational only.
    • Del Title: Delete (uninstall) all the selected title WiiWare or Virtual Console SD card or USB storage device.Once deleted, the title will still appear on the list until you restart the application. Set the Delete option in the Special menu or the Setup screen does not work use individual titles to eliminate WiiWare or Virtual Console.
    • The Data: Deletes only the game (save) the game on the SD card or USB storage device.This option does not uninstall the game.
    • Force Content Update: Update the shared content that matches the Hash scanning of all certificates installed. It is useful if you have a partial installation of a title or a game malfunctions (eg, Super Mario 64 does not provide access to the Manual of the game if you use an older installation and the shared content is updated).
    • Delete Icon: It damages the icon information of the selected title WiiWare or Virtual Console so that it does not show cover art for the game or updated automatically.The front cover is replaced by default uLoader for WiiWare titles and Virtual Console.

    Add Bitmap PNG: Allows you to add a cover to the game selected.
    Delete PNG Bitmap: lets you delete a cover associated with the selected game.
    rename Game: Allows you to rename the selected game. This option is turned off for WiiWare titles and Virtual Console.
    Delete Game: Allows you to delete the selected game of the USB device.This option is turned off for WiiWare titles and Virtual Console.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Compatibility Issues For VC/Wiiware]"][Compatibility Issues]
    If a title for WiiWare or Virtual Console does not work or has problems try the following:

    • Install the latest titles first and then the old titles
    • Try changing the cIOS under which runs the game, preferably in order: first 222, 223 and finally 224.
    • Disable the Boot Skip
    • Update the shared content using the Content Force Update option.
    • Set the video mode to native format of the title
    • If the title shows a message "corrupted system files" or "Disk Error", rerun the title without any configuration. Some games give error the first time they are run.
    • Install other more recent titles and try ejecutarnuevamante incompatible title.
    • Update cIOS 222 and 223 to v5 if you are using the previous version of CIOs.
    • Format FAT32 to your device to 32k per cluster (16k minimum).
    • If you are using a SDHC card to run the title, try using a normal SD card.
    • For compatible uLoader Compatibility List of WiiWare games and Virtual Console

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[NAND Emulation]"][NAND Emulation]

    From version 4.5 has support uLoader to emulate the NAND (internal memory of the console) to read and save games (saves) for Wii games, run title WiiWare and Virtual Console, as Downloadable Content read ( DLC), either from the SD card or USB device with a FAT32 partition.

    Normally, the Wii console accesses the NAND using a file system itself.Emulation uLoader performing redirects some relevant routes to the SD card or USB to emulate the behavior of the archives of the NAND.This is intended bastente many purposes that are useful:

    • There are games that let you copy the game to the SD card, and although there are some applications that can extract Homebrew occasionally can not reinstall or lose some. With the departure NAND emulation remains integrated as if stored in the internal memory of the console.
    • Allows several items in the game in different routes of the SD card or USB, which multiplies the possibility of having more slots stored in the same game using different items.
    • Games can be easily exported and used on another console that also use uLoader, except those just starting to use some internal data is only home console.
    • This exceeds the space limit of only 256 Mb NAND in the console, so that from SD or USB can run content that otherwise might not have saved all the time in the limited memory space inside of the Wii (games, DLC, WiiWare titles and Virtual Console).
    • This avoids the wear of the NAND of the console, although it has a huge number of reads and writes, it is not infinite and there are titles that read and write data continuously.
    • Lets run titles and WiiWare Virtual Console from USB and SD real way. While Nintendo's 4.0 update added support for running games from the SD card, not really so, because the games are copied from the SD to internal memory of the console every time you run, leading to a wear of NAND and a small load time during the copying process.The same applies to the DLC for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
    • Allows you to use the online gameplay options for WiiWare titles, just as access to downloadable content and store them on SD or USB as if the console NAND be treated.

    Its disadvantages include the fact that a data corruption in the device could lead to loss of the same and in certain games a read or write at a lower speed than would be obtained from the NAND of the console.
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Loading and reading of Wii games]"][Loading and reading of Wii games]

    Attachment 2766
    To make use of the NAND emulation must be a directory called nand (optionally other so-called nand2, nand3, nand4 if you want to have multiple wins) at the root of the SD card and / or the first FAT32 partition USB device.

    NAND: The game will read and / or save the game in the console's internal memory.
    The game will read and / or save the game on the SD card.
    The game will read and / or save the item in the USB storage device, provided there is a FAT32 partition
    Export NAND Save: uLoader copy the existing item in the console NAND selected device (SD or USB).If there is a departure from the game in this uLoader device asks if you want to overwrite the data.
    (Export NAND Save option is not available if you have selected to use NAND save your game.)
    From Save: Allows you to erase the current game heading USB device or SD card.
    (The Save option is not available if you have selected NAND to store the items.To delete an item from the internal NAND console use the File Management options for the Wii)
    Folder: lets you choose the directory where items are stored in the USB device or SD card and can choose between four directories (nand, nand2, nand3 or nand4).
    ID: Displays the hexadecimal value that identifies the selected game.This information is only informative but can be useful if you want to identify which directory corresponds to a specific game within the SD or USB.
    Copy DLC: You cancopy the Downloadable Content (DLC) of a Wii game to use it from the SD card or USB emulation enabled. This option copies the DLC is in the console NAND SD directory: / nand or USB: / nand, and only the game that is currently selected.This is important to point it out as there are games like Guitar Hero 5, which provide access to DLC for Guitar Hero World Tour but, for example, by using the Copy option selected taking Guitar Hero DLC 5 DLC will only copy the rightful and well the World Tour.
    Use DLC from x: / nand /: By default, the DLC is copied into the "NAND" SD card or USB storage device, this option allows you to use the DLC content in the "NAND" when the games (saves ) are in the directories "nand2, nand3 and / or nand4."

    Important notes on NAND emulation

    • The configuration of the NAND emulation is individual for each game.
    • Export NAND Save button, and Folder From Save appear red when there is no data to export and / or deleted.
    • Copy buttons and Use DLC DLC from x: / nand / will appear in red when there is no data to copy or use.
    • If a game is selected SD / USB to load the game and try to run it without having connected the device displays a message uLoader information which will have to change the settings by a valid or otherwise not be allowed to run the game.
    • With NAND emulation enabled readers deliver console flashes (blue light flashing) every time data is written to the SD card or USB device, this can not be disabled.When using the NAND save the game console the reader does not blink.
    • From uLoader can not copy the items from the USB device or SD card into the NAND console and does not foresee adding this feature in the future.
    • If you have selected NAND emulation to save / read games from the SD card and a game can natively read data from within the SD (eg, Smash Bros. Brawl for storing photos, scenarios and / or repetitions in SD ) uLoader block access to that option through an internal mechanism to avoid conflict, so it will not be able to access data or SD options within the game

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Hacks to change options uLoader's compatibility with USB Devices]"][Hacks to change options uLoader's compatibility with USB Devices]

    Attachment 2774

    The options you find in uLoader Hacks to change compatibility options are:

    • ehcmodule - Using a USB port: This option sets uLoader to use the USB1 port (the port of top with the console in horizontal position) instead of the default port USB0.

    • ehcmodule - Use bulk reset: The purpose of this hack is to make the request to apply a reset to the USB storage device.Thus the device prepares to receive the command set that is specified uLoader.

    • ehcmodule - GetMaxLun Force This option adjusts the driver with the request GetMaxLun before attempting to mount the unit. The petition GetMaxLun used for determining the number of logical drives supported by the device.It is possible that a device can have several logical drives. By default, access uLoader first LUN 0 to mount the drive, and then if GetMaxLun fault, but it is possible that the blocking devices to access the LUN 0 and no longer respond to the request GetMaxLun.

    If you receive an error message saying that you can not mount the drive, you should try applying this hack.

    • ehcmodule - SetConfiguration Force: Its function is to determine the configuration of the device, because it can have various configurations.In the normal operation of the driver obtained the required configuration of a data structure that is received during initialization.At one point, it reads the current configuration, compared to the other and if different, change the settings correct.If this configuration is the same force Hack to fix the initial configuration even if no replacement is required.

    • ehcmodule - Timeout alternative: Increases the default response time device initialization. The requests that are made to the device are valid for some time that the host tolerated. Exceeding this time involves the requests are lost and the host responds with a timeout.The placement of large times before making requests avoids such problems but can cause you to take too long to respond properly functioning devices.

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[uLoader hacks to modify application features]"][uLoader hacks to modify application features]
    Attachment 2778

    On the second page of the Mod uLoader the following options to modify some features of the application:

    • Please!: You can remove the effect of snow that has uLoader winter.

    • Mode DVD / SD Auto: Allows automatically skip the message "Press '2 'to go to DVD mode" that appears after 5 seconds to run uLoader when there is a USB device connected to the console. Its sole function is to save having to press the button 2.

    • Direct Launch Short (From channel): Decreases the down as much as 10 to just 2 seconds when a game is launched from a channel created with Loadstructor.Common channels that Hack forwarder will have no effect.

    • Back in Black: Change the interface of a ground uLoader black or PNG image. The image file must be named background.png and must be in PNG format (True Color) with a dimension of 640 x 480 pixels and may be placed in any of the following routes: sd: / background.png, sd: / apps / uloader / background.png, usb: / background.png or usb: / apps / uloader / background.png.

    • Force IOS IOS 224 instead of 222: Fix the use of default cIOS 224 cIOS instead of 222. Consider that some games may not be compatible with cIOS 224.

    • ?:: Some nice fireworks will look on the screen.

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[WDM Archives]"][WDM Archives]
    The files can manage and access WDM simple way Wii games with multiple files DOL.It works the same as the DOL alternative option, however, their use is simplified through a menu that displays the contents of the game before you run and you can select directly the content to run.
    WDM files are used in games that do IOS Reload to access the various DOL executable files that make up the game.
    In uLoader package includes some examples of WDM files for games Metroid Prime Trilogy (R3M.wdm), Sam & Max Season 1 (R3X.wdm), Sam & Max Season 2 (R3Y.wdm), Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (RJ8.wdm) and Red Steel (REDP41.wdm), these must be placed in the directory CODES SD card or USB (the first partition in FAT32).
    If you want to create or add new files to the directory WDM CODES they must have the name ID of the game, either using the first three, four characters or the full 6-character ID.
    If uLoader select a game detects that you have a WDM file associated with it in the directory CODES, displays a menu to select the run game content.
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Support for multi-play DVD format. CISO]"][Support for multi-play DVD format. CISO]
    Multiple games from one disc in CISO format...

    • To create a DVD multiplay, place the files. CISO DVD in UDF format (you can use Nero or ImgBurn to create the compilation of the DVD). In the recording software that uses the options "multiple or multi-session" must be disabled and the option "Finalize disc or close session" should be selected.

    • The DVD multigame can not contain directories or other files other than. CISO.

    • You canonly add a maximum of 8 games per DVD(depending on size).The names of the files. CISO should not exceed 64 characters.

    • Do not recommend using DVD DL (dual layer) because they may be problems to recognize the disc from the console reader itself and even from USB DVD drives.

    • The DVD format multigame. CISO can be used from within the reader of the Wii (If you have no protection) or the external USB reader.

    • You can create a disc with just one game in. CISO, recording the file itself. CISO on a CD or DVD in Mode 1 and 2048 bytes per sector (open the file. CISO as if it were an ISO image).This option is the only utility that is able to record a smaller stake in a CD (using external USB reader) or if it would happen to a game that fits in a single layer DVD disc, making could fit format. CISO.

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="Easier Explanation for VC/Wiiware"][Loading Your VC/Wiiware]
    (more info on vc/wiiware emulation is in the guide above)

    VC/Wiiware is easy on uLoader it installs the wad like wad manager but to emulated nand.

    All you need to do is make these folders:



    Put the wads(Games) you want in the install folder in...i put 23 of my an it took 15-20 min....
    (after its done installing the wad i twill remove it from the folder)

    Plug in the sd or usb load up will start installing the games .......

    If you get cant find reinstall the wad same goes if you get ES_Identify error..Some Games give System Corrupt when launched so load up again and should work)


    Copying the FS dump seems simple(so i thought) but wont work it ll show the game but you ll get error until you install it with uLoader.uLoader renames them....

    Install v5.1 ios224 with ios57 as base(It will also Load Faster)

    It didnt work with v4 222/223.......(YOU NEED 5.1 HERMES cIOS Remember Format Fat32(32kb clusters)

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="[Wiihacks :uLoader VC/Wiiware Compatibility List]"][Wiihacks: uLoader VC/Wiiware Compatibility List]
    GAME WORKING Alex Kidd In Miracle World............Yes Alex Kidd In Shinobi World............No(looking into it) Alex Kidd The Lost Stars...............No(looking into it) Art Of Balance................Yes Bit.Trip Runner..............Yes
    Bit.Trip Void.................Yes Brain Cadets...............Yes Donkey Kong...............Yes Double Dragon..............Yes ExciteBike..................Yes F-Zero X....................Yes Fast Draw Showdown..................Yes Lost Winds...............Yes(locks up randomly) Mega Man 10.............Yes Metal Slug.................Yes Mario Kart 64...............Yes Mario 64...............Yes Rage Of Gladiators............Yes Sonic & Knuckles.............Yes Super Mario Bros..............Yes Super Mario Bros 3...........Yes Super Smash Bros...............Yes Zelda:Majora's Mask..............Yes Zelda:Ocarina Of Time.................Yes UNO............Yes Warioware DIY........Yes Chronos Twins DX........Yes Contra III.........Yes
    Please do post if the games work or the list[/SPOILER]

    Official Source.
    You'll also find uLoader FAQ.Its in Spanish Use Google Translate.

    It is illegal to obtain/distribute backups of games you do not own.
    This guide, myself, and this site DO NOT SUPPORT OR PROMOTE SOFTWARE PIRACY. Play Fair
    No help will be given to individuals with questions relating to this. You have been warned!

    HERMES for uLoader and his cIOS.
    Stomp_442(Hermes cIOS Guide)
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    any body have free time try it out report back.............................

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    I upgraded to 5.1 last night, and it worked great. uLoader was my first USB loader, and I've always found it to be the easiest. HOWEVER, I wish they'd get rid of that stupid middle finger pointer. My brother-in-law had a fit when I softmodded my nephew's Wii and made me change the loader.

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    Very nice thread Cile! So much Info...thanks!
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Nice, I just saw a CFG install guide, and now a uLoader guide. I think this loader is ugly, but if it loads Wiiware that easy, I will give it a try, soon. I haven't seen a good looking Wiiware loader yet.

    I wish they'd get rid of that stupid middle finger pointer. My brother-in-law had a fit when I softmodded my nephew's Wii and made me change the loader.
    lol, your brother-in-law probaly thought you were aiming that finger at him.

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    as i was reading up on uloader i read that hermes doesnt care how it looks ...just how it performs .....

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    I guess one of the things that I think makes it ugly, is that you have to go thru pages to find the game you're looking for, unlike other loaders where you just move the pointer to the side and the game covers will scroll across the screen, if hermes could get that in place it may have a better look. But, compatibility is king, and if hermes makes a loader with flawless compatibility then good for him. As I recall, he was the first one to get one of them games working, on usb, that reloaded it's own IOS from the ISO, which made it impossible from USB, the first game to use the alt dol, Red Steel I think.

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    I'm one of those who couldn't care less what my loader LOOKS like. Good thing, too, because uLoader is definitely the ugliest of the bunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by intlschizo View Post
    I'm one of those who couldn't care less what my loader LOOKS like. Good thing, too, because uLoader is definitely the ugliest of the bunch.
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    hi all,
    wonder if anyone has had this issue.
    I have installed cIOS v4, Uloader finds the games ( I put it two wads that work fine from Triforce). And it did its installation. Two games on the menu...
    When I start them the cd picture keeps spinning..and spinning. Nothing happens....
    any thoughts?Do I need to do more than just copy to nand/installs?
    [ 4.0U ]-[ cIOS 38 r17 ]-[ Priiloader 0.3b (rev48)]-[ BootMii as boot2 ]-[ HBC 1.0.8 ]-[ WiiFlow 2.2 r414 ]-[ Triiforce MRC SS v10b ]-[ Savegame Manager GX r79 ] [UAE Wii/Snes9x GX/Wii64/SDL MAME Wii/DOSBox Wii/GxGeo ]

    It is said an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes. I don't want to be a Wii expert then..thanks to everyone at WiiHacks

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