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Thread: [WTB]Wii acessories

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    Talking [WTB]Wii acessories

    I'm looking for everything but the console and almost all games.

    3 nunchucks..preferably not white

    2 Wiimotes..color's not important but I do like the black one and my girl wants a pink one

    4 Wii Motion Plus adapter thingy

    the rechargable battery pack thing..I have 2 controllers now with rechargable batteries..isn't there a dock??If so..I want that.

    Wii case mods..looking for a full good clear case..or black

    Wii Fit with board

    Guitar Hero controller..Not the crappy one that came with Rock Band

    I think thats about it.

    Can pay thru pay-pal and funds will be available on the 16th

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