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Thread: Neogamma r8 question???

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    Us Neogamma r8 question???

    Is neogamma r8 safe or safer then the rest as to bricking my wii???
    Is it safe to download on my 4.2u wii or should i use and older version?????

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    4.2 and 4.3 was only released to kill homebrew. Rev8 I awesome. You should be on 4.1 with priiloader installed to block disc and online updates.

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    so i should downgrade my wii???

    and well i already have homebrew installed,so if i donload rev8 onto my wii will it affect it???

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    No use if it's working right. You can install rev8 on 4.2 just fine. I wasn't sure if you were also talking about going to 4.2. If you're already softmodded r8 will work fine.

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    ohhh okayy thanxx,and no my wii has allways been 4.2 but thanxx for letting me know,thisz website is a 1000 times more helpfull then google.... L0l


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