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Thread: USB Loader won't work after I did an update. PLEASE HELP :(

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    Thumbs down USB Loader won't work after I did an update. PLEASE HELP :(

    My boyfriends brother hacked my wii for me and i have all the games i need on USB Loader gx. i did an update when i connected to Mario Kart via the internet and ever since have not been able to use the usb loader as it comes up with a black screen and says :

    USB Loader needs unstubbed CIOS 222 v4 or 249 v9 +

    I found
    222= 0
    249= 0
    Go find out how to get some action going on in your wii and come back and see me.

    ?????????? what does this mean!? i want to play all my games again

    hope someone can help ! thanks..... xo

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    you updated your wii... you need to softmod again check the firmware by going into settings and in top right corner it will give you the number.... follow the guide for your firmware

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    its version 4.2e.
    where will i find the guide for this? do you know if it is straight forward? thanks.x

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    make sure to install priiloader and block updates, that way you will never have this problem again


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