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Thread: wii wont hibernate

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    wii wont hibernate

    my wii wont go into hibernate (when i press the power button it does a full shut down) for some reason and this is starting to be a problem as i has to have the wii on to charge the remotes and to get a full charge it gota be on for a good couple of hours. my wii is sys 4.2e i softmoded it with this tut, may it just be a daft setting somewere which i cant find.

    can anyone help me

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    Do you mean the "off" position where the power light is orange?
    To get that you need to enable wiiconnect24 and turn the wii off using the wiimote (not the power button on the Wii itself), but as you did a softmod I don't recommend actually enabling this.

    If you have priiloader, make sure to disable online updates and then you can turn wiiconnect24 on without problems I think...
    But don't enable it without the block online updates setting as it could update your wii and brick it. (or so I've heard)


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