At first I thought this was supposed to be for staff at other wii hacking sites but after looking around I see it doesn't seem to be =]

I'm currently a project manager, and server administrator at Dream Portal.

We are dedicated to bringing the best portal solution to SMF out of any portal software available at SMF or any other forum software. The portal itself is nearing completion, currently at a release candidacy state. It has some pretty great features including the ability for people to code their own custom modules, or blocks and install it onto the portal itself, custom layouts for different parts of the forum (v1.1 will also include custom layouts for members so they can set their own preferences) all module placements are handled by an elegant drag and drop solution in an effort to make the portal itself as idiot proof as possible, and we are coding as many modules as we can in AJAX. These are of course just some of the fancy features.

I hope I didn't sound like I was advertising the portal too much there, just wanted to describe everything that makes the portal fantastic ^_^

The funny thing is both of the project managers (myself and the other guy) own only a wii (in the next gen console category of course) with the difference being mine is a hacked 4.2U (my little brother thought it would be a good idea to upgrade from 3.2 -.-) and his is a virgin 4.3U, he refuses to hack his and insists on keeping it up to date...