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Thread: Softmodded 4.1 until trying to play Lego Harry Potter

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    Softmodded 4.1 until trying to play Lego Harry Potter

    I just soft modded my 4.1 wii the other day and decided to rent Lego harry potter to see if we wanted to buy the game. After putting in the game disc, a notice came up that I could not play the game until I downloaded the latest update and that I had certain things installed on my Wii that may render it useless after the update. I tried the hold the button for 5 seconds, but it didn't work. I had no choice but to update it. Now Homebrew is gone and I'm updated to 4.2. What should I do now?

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    1. Congrats on Updating to 4.2!!!
    2. You will have to resoftmod your wii with the 4.2 Guide
    3. AND this time MAKE sure you load PRIILOADER to block those wonderful updates!!!


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