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Thread: Piggy-back board on optical drive?

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    Piggy-back board on optical drive?

    While I have my Wii apart to fix what I believe to be a failed bluetooth module, I've noticed that the optical drive has a piggy-back board attached. This board holds an ASIC and a few other surface-mount components. It is wired to one of the large chips on the main drive controller board, with several blue-insulated wires. The whole lot is then covered by masking tape.

    My question is:
    Did the Wii leave Nintendo in this state, or has it been modded by someone (all Wiis here in Philippines are 'grey' imports, so anything might happen between manufacture and sale)?

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    Take some pics and upload.... as it might be a mod chip...

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    The simpler solution for the OP is compare what he sees against the modchip identication thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    The simpler solution for the OP is compare what he sees against the modchip identication thread.
    Thanks for the pointer!

    Yep, it is a mod chip ... the first one in that thread, a D2CKEY.

    I bought my Wii, new, from one of the most reputable appliance shops within this region. I have to conclude that whoever is importing Wiis into the country is adding the mod chip. I wonder why that may be ... perhaps because most CDs, DVDs and games discs sold here are copies.

    I recently went through the procedure of soft-hacking my Wii to add Homebrew and USB Loader GX, unaware that my Wii was chipped. I wonder whether I should have followed a different procedure, or whether it matters?

    I'm not really into all this hacking, but I do find it convenient to be able to use the Wii without having to go through a pile of games discs ... and I no longer have to worry about the kids damaging a disc.

    I've already had to revive the Mario kart disc by polishing and washing, so loading from a hard disc is a God-send.


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