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Thread: So here is what I Would like to do...

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    So here is what I Would like to do...

    But I dont see a tutorial anywhere. I used a 1G card to put the virgin 4.3u files on ans softed it. Took some time but worked wonderfully (respect). Now Ive been told that installed IOS dont need to be on the card any longer and launcher linked files that point to the card would be an issue.

    Id like to move the entire content of the SD card to the NTFS partition of my USB hard disk so I can clear the card out. Pointers anyone?

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    You won't need to keep any of that stuff in the sd card that was used for the guide, but you may want to back it up on your pc just in case.
    You can use your harddrive to run apps from the homebrew channel, if that's wwhat you mean, but i believe it needs to be a fat32 partition. You simply create the same file structure from the sd card to the root of the fat32 partition, ie. an apps folder, wad folder and whatever else. Load the homebrew channel up and press the 1 button to change it to use the usb.

    Realize that these things run much better from the sd card than they do from a usb device, so don't be too shocked if you get som lag using things like emulators and stuff.
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