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Thread: Need help loading games on USB HD

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    Need help loading games on USB HD

    Ok so im kinda new to this and need some help. i have just recently softmodded my 4.0 wii and have bought a external USB hard drive. i have just finished downloading a game (mario kart) from when i downloaded from megaupload it came in 29 parts, so instead of waiting around for every part to finsih, i used jdownloader instead and downloaded all the files at once. now im just wondering what to do next to put the game onto the hard drive. i downloaded WBFS manager but i dont know what to do. i heard that you have to format the hard drive but i dont know what to format it to and where to do it. also is downloading from jdownloader a good idea? and after finishing downloading from jdownloader do i have to extract everything using winrar so i can get everything in .iso format? and wbfs manager good to use? thank you for anyone who is willing to help!

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    Posted in wrong section, this section has a specific warning in red letters saying hardmods only otherwise, 30 day RR infraction --- sorry, guy. See you in 30. Also you will not get any assistance whatsoever on piracy questions.


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