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Thread: Hardmod help - Wasabi Zero

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    Hardmod help - Wasabi Zero

    Hi all,
    I have had a Wasabi Zero hardmod for over a year now and never any problems, not even SMB and SMG2. So I'm pretty much a noob on this. I do not have any softmod and do not want to do that for various reasons. I just started having a problem with Lego Harry Potter. I was able to backup two versions, 1 asks for an update which I don't want to do so I just got out of it (I'm at 4.1U now) and the other turns black after hitting start on the game screen. While researching the issue I see a lot about updating IOS but all that seemed to be directed at softmods. I don't see any advice on this game for hardmods. I saw something in general about updating the actual chip and I found the file to do so at Wasabi's site (3.0 I think). But...

    My question is, do I really need to update the chip since this is the only game I'm having a problem with? If it's just specific to this one game I'd rather not make any changes and play off an original disk. Or is this a new thing on all upcoming disks that will continue? Also, will updating the chip even fix the problem or is there something else going on? If the chip does just need updating, is it only the one file and everything will work fine or do multiple files need to be loaded (I read something about a BCA patcher and don't know wha that is)?

    If anyone has any hardmod advice specific to Lego Harry Potter I'd love to hear it too.

    Like I said, I want to stay softmod free.

    Thank you!

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    Well, I run a wasabi v3 and can tell you that you'll most likely need to update the ios'es on your wii in order to play new games. Imo you should use an app called Dop-Mii once you softmod using one of the guides here to do it. and then you can use Dop-Mii in the future to update other IOS'es you may need for newer games as they come out. Priiloader is also a good app to use to block the updates from disc as well. It's what I use.
    Alternatively, to avoid softmodding, you could run the update from the Lego Harry Potter disc to update the ios you need however I see that you're on system menu 4.1U and the disc may contain a system menu update as well. I suggest avoiding any system update higher than 4.1 myself as any higher versions only block the functionality of the region free capabilities that are built into your wasabi, and that's irreversable once you do it unless you softmod then downgrade to 4.1 again. There is no other way to downgrade other than softmodding. and 4.2 and 4.3 make it harder to softmod if you choose to do so in the future. I do not know if the LHP game disc contains a system menu update myself. Some searching around the board here and the internet may give us an answer on that though. I'll look myself and if I find an answer will let you know in this thread but I can't at the moment.
    I'd personally use the guides here though and softmod to avoid having to do this for every new games that come out that requires a new or updated ios.
    So far (depending on which wasabi firmware you are currently using) the only thing the newest v3.0 update from wasabi will fix is to enable you to bypass the new kind of copy protection that's built into the New Super Mario Bros game disc, called BCA protection. I'm using that version and suggest it if you ever plan on playing that game. It's currently the only game that uses that protection right now but any new games that come out in the future may also include it.

    Lego Harry Potter requires IOS56 according to TealC, that's not for certain though yet.

    See this thread:

    and this thread:

    So if you run the update from the disc you'll be at 4.2 and your wasabi's region free capabilities will be disabled. IMO don't do it, softmod instead. Use a guide in the recommended guides section and stay safe keeping your chip working 100%. They're tried tested and true.
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