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Thread: RawkSD with DLC unlocks

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    RawkSD problem with DLC unlocks


    My first post.

    I have tried to eevrything working for five days and I am almost there.

    I have softmod 4.1E I am playing with original RB2 PAL game disc using disc channel. I patched ios 37 witH RawkSD patcher.

    I went through pc tools and got all the dlc unlocked. I can play them when moved from PC to SD card and when downloaded from the store.

    Problems starts when I try to use RawkSD. After moving song I ripped from GH Metallica PAL .iso to SD and intalling them in wii, I can see the song in the setlist put I always get Out Of Date error. After that all my downloaded DLC song also get the same error.

    Things are easily fixed when I download a song from the store, and then all my DLC work again, but I cant see RawkSD customs. And when I install them again same thing happend.

    I have tried to do everything from the clean table, and deleted all my RB2 save etc. but still could not get the RowkSD customs to work. I always get the Out Of Date error.

    Only thing I havent tried is to unistall all DLC unlock .wad's and see if that would make any difference. Any idea if it would help.

    And I am using PAL version of RawkSD 2.02.

    Any ideas?
    Has anyone got RawkSD working with full PAL system?
    And if so, is the unlocked DLC working also?

    I would love to play those Metallica songs without buying GH instruments.
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