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Thread: New Super Mario Bors with IOS 53 + 55

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    New Super Mario Bors with IOS 53 + 55

    I am trying to get New Super Mario Bros to work on a softmodded wii. I have softmodded many wiis using the tutorials here and have never had any problems before.

    I followed shadowsonics 4.2 softmod tutorial. Installed IOS 53 + 55. But NSMB won't work. It says:

    "The disk could not be read. Please refer to the Wii operations manual for details."

    I have tried it with the sd card in (it says patch applied when booting) and without the sd card. Same error. Any help would be appreciated!

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    are you sure you dont have the d3-2 chip....are you using a good media....verbatim or tayio yuden dvd-r.....

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    And also please keep all NSMB questions in the guide for this game.


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