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Thread: Some pre-buy wii questions

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    Some pre-buy wii questions

    Hello there everyone ,

    After many thoughts about which console should I get , I came to a conclusion that the Wii would be the best choice for me .

    I have some general question about the console , I`ll be glad to get any info .

    1.What is the real difference between the black and the white wii , which of those should I get ?

    2.A soldered mod-chip or a softmod hack , which should I choose ?

    3.Is there a specific version of the wii that forbids any kind of softmod / chipmod hacks ?

    I`ve been told in a store that a certain version of wii cannot be hacked or modded in any way , hence it is the cheapest in there ,
    was the salesman right or that was a pathetic try to get more money from a newbie ?

    And the last one - which is the latest and safest firmware version that can be hacked for a region-free support (play PAL and NTSC/-J on it)?

    Thank you so very much ,


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    all wii's can be done have a look around the site and use the search bar

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    1.No difference...if the wii is new being black or white you ll probably get the d3-2 chip (so no disc back ups)
    2.You should go with WODE(modchip) or softmod....USB Loading is the future
    3.Nope all wii's can be softmoded

    ALL wiis once softmoded...the back up loader enables you to play any region games...

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    You best bet : search multiple stores for a Wii that says Nintendo@2008 on the box , not 2009 .
    The one from 2008 will likely not have a D3-2 drive.
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    I`ve been in multiple stores and saw only 2009 / 10 in there , I actually don`t really mind not being able to play GC games on the drive ,
    that if I can play them on an external hard drive or a DOK .

    I`ve been searching quite a lot , and could`nt find a clear answer -

    Are everybody sure that all wii`s can be hacked ? even 2010 wii`s ?
    Because the store declares on the term and conditions application that this wii cannot be hacked ,
    (plus with that store I will get a 4.2 / 4.3 2010 wii , as they are the distributors.)
    and if the softmod is needed a new (older model) Mother board need to replace the current one , and that costs a lot .

    If all kind of wii`s can be softmodded whether or not they have a specific mother board , I`ll buy the "virgin" one , I`d like to hack it my self .


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