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Thread: System menu won't load, trying to remove softmod

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    System menu won't load, trying to remove softmod

    I did this same procedure to a second Wii i have and had no problems, so I don't know what I did wrong here.

    I don't know what model/revision of the Wii I'm having an issue with, but it was purchased on launch day.

    I had a Wiikey chip installed. After some time lots of games wouldn't load so I installed a softmod. I'm sorry I don't remember which guide I followed exactly as it was over a year ago. I just got a Wasabi DX which is working great in my other Wii (which was softmodded but didn't have a Wiikey originally), so I removed the Wiikey installed the Wasabi DX and proceeded to remove the softmod (I don't use HBC and just didn't need anything else on the Wii).

    I followed the guide at:

    I am at the point that I think all custom IOS's are removed but I cannot load the system menu. I do have Priiloader installed so I can still access items from the card. And I have my original nand and key file from when I ran boot-mii the first time.

    Now my other Wii was at 4.2u and I was sure this one I'm having a problem with was also, but if I tried to load a 4.2 system menu wad on a 4.1 system, would that have caused it to fail? I got a failure message the first time trying to load the 4.2 menu and now it won't load at all from Priiloader.

    I then tried to follow the guide at:

    to go through the softmod procedure again. From HBC I try to load dop-mii and it loads for a second or two and goes back to the HBC. I can barely read what's on the screen but it doesn't appear to be an errors, but pressing A real fast doesn't do anything either it just doesn't run.

    I tried to run trucha bug. It won't load any patched IOS's. Downgrading ISO 15 goes through the procedure without any errors, but I can't patch anything else.

    So I'm stuck. Any suggestions please?

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    I got it back up. Finally got 249 installed again, then was able to reload 4.2u and system came back up.


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