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Thread: Up To Date CIOS and IOS

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    Up To Date CIOS and IOS

    I was just wondering, I have many CIOS and IOS installed but to be quite honest, I have no Idea what any of it means. I have Sys Check on my Wii and I have run it but it just confuses me. I was just wondering, I did search by the way, if there was a pack or guide made recently with all the CIOS and IOS out there. Or if I were to upload my SysCheck would anybody be able to point me in the right direction... The only games I have that aren't running are Monster Hunter Tri and Prince of Persia, which freezes when I run through a waterfall, Monster Hunter gives me that annoying beeping sound. Thanks in advance if anybody could help... BTW, I have Followed a few guides Using Hermes CIOS V4 and V5 and They still aren't working right, I feel that I just don't have a-lot of the right Cios installed to begin with. Also, I am running System Menu 4.2U. PS. I also just downloaded NUSD but I am very confused on if this will help me or not

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    Both games have guides.....

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    Both games you mentioned have a recommended guide on this site. Still, you could compare your IOS report to this. Our guides do specify IOS 249 (Rev 17; Messie's I think still says 14 but either is fine. 17 supports dual layer, 14 doesn't). Hermes V4 is considered by most more stable, but certain IOS (202) V5.1 (yes, 5.1) are better at some things.

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    Ok, Now I see that there is CIOS 249 rev 19, would that also work for dual layer?

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