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Thread: DESPERATE need of HELP,cant softmod my WII 4.2 for months!!!!!

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    Us DESPERATE need of HELP,cant softmod my WII 4.2 for months!!!!!

    i keep having trouble softmodding my wii4.2.
    i use a sd card.
    i have no volnurable ios on mii wii4.2u,(never updated it,it has allways been 4.2)

    im using Dop-Mii v12 (SMV r93)

    "below is what it says for the wii internals"

    IOS version fakesign ES identiny NAND Flash
    70 (v6687) Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    61 (v65535) enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
    60 (v65535) enabled enabled Enabled Disabled

    so i installed the ios 36 and 34 without patches because i am told thats what i need and now it says current ios36 rather then 70 all the way torwards the left bottom of the main screen after downloading when i quit i hit exit on the screen it says "exeption (program) error" or when i press home on the remote home button it says "exeption (DSI) error" and i have to hold power because reset makes it say "reload" on the screen everytime i press it.......and so i turn it off by holding the on button and i go to it again and it is back to ios70 again rather then being at ios36!!!!!

    SOMEONE please please please HELP!!!
    i dont even have homebrew installed because i cant even get it to show that i have a vulnerable the "exeption (Program) error" or the "exeption (DSI) error"?????

    HELLLLLPPPPPP i have been trying for weeks and weeeeeks,its frustrating and i need HELP!!!

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    If you are following the no vulnerable ios guide (which you should be). You need to post questions in the thread of that guide. Noone will understand what you are talki8ng about in the newbie section.
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    srry,thanxx. L0l


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