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Thread: Question regarding cios for USB 222/223 etc

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    Question regarding cios for USB 222/223 etc

    I've got a 4.1E softmodded wii.

    I'm using USB Loader GX to play copies of my games from a USB HD

    I wanted to try a singing game, but only had some ps2 singstar mics to try, I tried these but they didn't work. So I then tried using the cios222 installer to install 222 and 223. They still didn't work, so I bought a couple of logitech vantage usb mics - which work perfectly.

    Should I have to change any settings in USB Loader GX for the singing games?

    I thought I would need to, so the first game I set the IOS to 223, and it worked fine with the mic, but then I forgot and it worked fine as well, even with two mics in a USB hub. Looking at the settings for this it uses 249.

    So what I'm asking is does installing 222/223 make them automatically work or would you have to select them? Does 249 allow the use of the second USB port?

    My current setup is USB HD in main usb port, then a 4 port non-powered Hub in the second port with two mics plugged in.

    Just trying to understand how things work!


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    cIOS 222/223 was created for musical games like yours, and it was designed to allow the second usb port to be functional while running backups from a hdd. Usually you will need to change the loader settings for a game to run from ios 222/223. With yours, two things could have happened: 1) either you had already changed the settings for the particular game to boot with 222/223, and then looked at the settings for the entire loader (which would have still been 249), or 2) ios 249 may have worked for that particular game. Basically the different IOS's exist so that if one doesn't work you have others to try.

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    Loader settings are set to 249 as are the game settings. All games work with the mics in the second USB port and HD in the first. If I change the game settings to use 222 or 223 they still work but I don't need to - is that normal? Has 249 been improved at some point to allow the use of the second USB port?


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