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Thread: Problems getting Sin and Punishment 2 to run

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    Lightbulb Problems getting Sin and Punishment 2 to run

    Hey everyone, I need some help getting Sin and Punishment 2 to run.

    I receive an "error002" when I run the game with the normal backup launcher, and when I try to run the game with Neogamma with the anti-002 fix, I get "error 001- unauthorized device detected". Do I need to update my wii in anyway to fix this problem?

    I downloaded Sin and Punishment 2 and burned it on 4x on a dvd-r disk a few times.

    I have a NTSC wii and I have modded it using the guide here:

    Thanks for your help.

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    What version of Neogamma are you running? I was able to run SaP2 just fine on Neogamma v8... I followed Dogeggs' guide for softmodding 3.4U to 4.1U.

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    I can't get this one to run either..Ive very new to Wii modding and Ive tried about 5 games and thsi is the first not to work.

    I use CFG USB Loader...the game loads fine..but it locks up on the main menu..

    Any ideas?


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