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Thread: Dvd rewriter

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    Dvd rewriter

    will super multi DVD REWRITER 22X work for backing up wii games
    cant realy read the rest....
    GH21 or 6H21 or GH81 XD

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    Current production models of writers AFAIK don't support the Wii format. LG drives at one time worked with Wii, but IDK if still true (last I knew, no). The thing to do is get a game installed onto USB HD via USB Loader GX and then you can extract the image and burn it (if you want a disc backup of an original; also works for making backups of backups if necessary). I believe there's a DVD dumper type application that can backup the discs from your Wii to a PC via wireless as well. Best bet is to look in this section of the site.


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