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Thread: Upgradiing HBC?

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    Upgradiing HBC?

    I just used Firmware Updater to update to 4.1U since I had nt uopdated the Wii firmware since ethier 2.X.X or 3.X.X, haha.

    I've seen a newer more sleek looking HBC. Not sure if it's just a theme or the actual channel but since I first hacked the Wii(2.X.X or 3.X.X ~2-3 years ago) I have not been able to find a way to update the channel.

    How would I go about doing this?

    I just tried BootMii Install "Boot.dol" which said it completed but for some reason it all looks the same.

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    Check out the 3.1-4.1 guide by dogeggs in the Recommended Guides section. The download in there should have a more recent version with instructions in the guide itself.
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    Is the latest HBC 1.0.6? That's what I have and and I've r HackMii into Boot2 and ISO downloaded from Hackmii site.


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