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    Modding Help

    I read the Softmodding FAQ and need some clarification.

    1. How do i find out what system i am running (ei: 3.1-4.3) I got the black wii?

    2. If i softmod can i load games from an external hard drive? or is it just of the SD Card?

    3. How big of an SD card will i need for the softmodding?

    4. Softmodding will allow me to do what? Play backups? etc?

    5. anything else might i need to know that i isn't covered in the FAQ?

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    Answeres to your questions:

    1) There are guides on these forums to show you how to find what system revision you are on.

    2)Yes you can play games from an external usb hdd,again there are guids for this.

    3)2GB Sandisk sd card is recommended


    5)You will have to do your homework!

    Hope these answers help,a word of advice though through my own experience here it seems people dont like the same questions being asked over and over again (which is understandable).Read as many guides as possible that are relative to the subject you are interested in and place your questions in that respective thread.Also don't take advice from noobs as the lords gospel! ( i havent been here long but i have learnt that already) be patient and hopefully someone more knowledgeable like an Admin will answer your question.Remember knowledge is power so read,read,read.Just my advice take it or leave it.

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    Can someone link me these guides. I can't seem to find them or no where to begin.

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    Okay penguin_02, seeing how you are new I'll let you off easy. It is pretty freakin impossible to not find a guide to softmod your wii. We DO NOT support spoon feeding here. I understand that you are new. So that means you should have read the rules of the site. There is a speacial secret feature that not alot of people know of. Its called a search button. It alludes even the noobest of members. All you have to do is just look around the site. Whats that there is even a section on the forum that is names Wii Tutorials.... I guess it alludes people just like the search button. You have been warned... Search first before asking questions. Especially something as dumb as this one.
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    Have a lookie here: ►RECOMMENDED FAQ's, GUIDES & TUTORIALS ONLY ◄

    now wasn't that easy


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